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Ive got to say i'm excited for season 11 of supernatural but one the the big questions not with this whole darkness appering is who would you like to see again.

Theres no question about keeping the main people. No would would want to say good by to sam, dean, castiel or even crowley. But im talking about some other firends we said good bye to seasons ago.

Who would you like to return?


We all know deep down we miss lucifer. When he took over sams mind we had some laughs and then we just felt plane bad. But if you think one the word evil and darkness how could you not think of him. We all misses him a bit when we said good by to him not just when we pushed him into the cage but when brave cas to him of of sams shoulders. We all have to wonder if luci will take a just from the cage along with the darkness and come back to pester sam, but not just sam, who would like to see " lucifer rising the return of lucifer!"


I think we all said a painful good bye to death in the season 10 finle with out even realizing it, or did we? Will we see death again? Iwe all had some laughs when we herd dean utter the words " i think i just killed death" are we really saying good bye to the man the black suit? Death is one of the 4 horse men the one who was willing to give up his magic ring. How will life and death fuction with out death himself? So i think where all wondering is, is he really dead and if he his will me see death again.

Heres one we might of forgot. Lilith

We all rember that day sam finaly killed the demon lilth. I mean he did start the end. But mabye with the darkness rising lilth might to, she was fun. That much i can tell if she comes back , well we will just have to wait and see...


We all have to rember ruby, how she betrayed sam to get him to break the finle seal but we cant forget how latter on after the boys killed her she came back in the alternet universe as sams wife " fake ruby " aka Genevieve Padalecki. We all know that seeing her would be a insresting surprise.


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