ByAmir Chase, writer at

Now when i was young I played a ABC learning game then later on I knew my alphabet. Now only because I played a learning game doesn't mean it has to be a learning game to be learned.

You see I've been playing Far Cry 4 a open world gameplay for only four days and I learned a lot of stuff based off that videogame. For an example theres a lot of animals in the game but there in different climates like the rhinoceros and the tiger they were in a seperate climate from the snow leapord in a less warm but more cold climate area. What you have to see is that if you took a test and you had to lable where each animal is on their own climate but that shouldn't be a problem if you played games like Far Cry 4, you would definitely get that

A+ on the test.

Im not trying to say that you should play video games should be at school or there should be more videogames and no school no, what im trying to say is that videogames are not bad for you and they dont make you bad in school. Like i play games all the time but at school im paying attention and getting A's and B's.


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