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Captain America Civil War is just 11 months away and the filming has already begun, but that doesn’t mean the Russo brothers can’t change the story a tad bit. Lets be honest civil war is the biggest comic book movie yet, and with the right material, it can be the best CBM yet. This is going to be 6 things that should be done in Marvel’s Captain America 3: Civil War. (Careful for spoilers if you haven’t seen [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035))

1. Already Established Characters

With the cast of Civil War, it looks like we will be getting some new heroes, Spider-man, Black Panther,etc.Lets not waste time explaining their backstory,they’ll have their solo movie for that. Let Black Panther be a good king for Wakanda. Spider-man should be inexperienced but he has found his place in this super-powered world. This is the opportunity for Marvel to show that there are other superheroes out there besides the Avengers

2. Captain America War Time

While Winter Soldier explained what happened during Captain America’s frozen time, Civil War can show what Captain America experienced in the battlefield without an action montage. We are getting Baron Zemo. Baron Zemo should be an old enemy of captain america that he faced during WWII. Show how Captain America adapted into the battlefield.

3. A Great Villain

Baron Zemo is one of my favorite villains of all time, I want to see him get justice. Marvel we need a good,intriguing villain that fits the tone of the movie. Give him development, feelings, humanize the character. Make us feel for him, we should want him to lose but win at the same time. No one wants a repeat of Red Skull,but this is the Russo brothers we’re talking about, then again they only made The Winter Soldier.

4. Make a death that counts

Every Marvel movie has had death, I can’t count off every death in the MCU. Quicksilver’s death is the only death that will stick forever probably. Don’t just kill the character then 30 minutes later bring him or her back. Someone needs to die for this to be a game changer, and my money is on Hawkeye. This is a war, not everyone will make it out alive. The heroes should be shoken up by this event.

5. Comedy in the right parts

This should be a serious movie but that doesn’t mean just take out all the fun. We have freaking spider-man in this movie, we need comedy. Marvel is known for their comedy, so be scared to use it, but please use it in the right parts. Mid battle we don’t want to see our heroes or villains shouting one liners. If anything The Winter Soldier has proven that you can have serious movie with light comedy and make a good superhero movie.

6. More Intense fighting, less exploding

When it comes to action, Marvel is the same with most of their movies. We don’t need an overabundance of CGI in one battle. Make the fights more real and believable. I know this is a superhero universe, but that doesn’t mean everything has to explode or break. Bring our superheroes in the real world. The exploding action is getting bland, we want more brutality, but don’t take it far.

And that’s it six things that need to happen in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). I don’t expect everything on this list to happen in the movie. Even if it doesn’t Captain America 3 is going to be a huge movie, whether successful or not. Next Article,things that need to happen in The Flash Season 2.


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