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I recently rewatched Insidious 2 because of the upcoming Third Chapter. I noticed some very interesting things. With the ending of the movie we see Elise, dead, walking past Tucker and Specs who were talking to a family about their daughter. We watch as Elise walks past them and moves to a girl sitting in a wheelchair staring out the window. Elise tries to get her attention but fails. Then, something catches her attention. Something we can't see. Something that scares her. Bad. We hear a gasp and then darkness. What did she see? Well, we don't know. Then we get the Insidious Chapter Three trailer.

This movie, which is a prequel, will have Elise back with Tucker and Specs. Before I did some looking about, this was my theory - the movie is about Elise as a teenager. We are going to see the evil that haunted her. Follow her story, and what made her become what was in Chapter One and Two. My guess was at the end of Insidious 2 she saw that same evil behind the girl in the wheelchair that haunted her as a kid. And obviously she's scared. Scared that it's back and scared because she knows the evil. And to even further my theory we saw Allison in a wheelchair. Think back to the trailers, we see "Elise" in casts. Coincidence? I'm not to sure. Did you hear tucker and Specs at the end of Chapter Two? The father was talking about their daughter's accident. Specs told them that is wasn't an accident. So my first thought was "Elise" was purposely injured in what looked like an accident, and so was Allison, the girl in the wheelchair.

Now, that was my initial theory. Then I saw this:

She Has A Phone
She Has A Phone

She has a phone in her hand. If this was a prequel, all the way back to her childhood we're talking some time in the 40s or 50s. No way a phone like that is anywhere near those times. So I watched the trailers again, I did some research. It'd been awhile. I can't believe I missed it but.... there's Tucker and Specs. So I started to think and I realized something. I may not be to far off. And here's why:

This girl being haunted, Quinn, was in an "accident" that I still believe wasn't an accident. Elise reluctantly agrees to use her abilities to assist the family. This is where she comes face to face with some sort of evil entity. After many jump, scares and chills you won't forget (hopefully) Elise will come out on top and beat the entity. No doubt with the help of everyone. Hey! We might even see the Further again. If her dad takes a trip down under I'll call three-peat. No I'm kidding. I don't doubt we'll see it again, but this series has become a favorite of mine, the first two movies were great. I see even better things for this movie.

Now to address the last part of my theory. What did Elise see at the end of Chapter Two? I can only guess she sees the same entity we'll see in the upcoming movie. Quinn is stuck to a wheelchair with her two broken legs from an "accident." Allison is also in a wheelchair and from what Tucker/ Specs are explaining, it isn't actually an accident in the first place!

Now I have to stop and explain one thing. We also hear, at the end of Insidious Two, Tucker or Specs says "When they were resuscitating your daughter..." Then it drowns out while we focus on Elise. Now I can only guess we missed something along the lines of a spirit attached itself to her soul or body. But since the paramedics brought her back she still has her body or so I think. Allison was pretty out of it, or gone altogether. Maybe from this accident that gave the spirit its way in also started the haunting. Which from what I can tell it is also when the haunting starts for Quinn and family.

To tie the last three paragraphs together, I believe that Quinn dies on that street where the "accident" occurs. She is then resuscitated, but not before a possible trip to the Further? But in that moment a spirit latches on to her soul. Elise goes face to face with this entity. She believes she has won. Only to see it again, behind Allison. The Insidious series has a gift when it comes to tying things together. For example, in Chapter One we heard heavy banging on the front door and then that same door being flung open and the alarm going off. Ghosts right?! No, we see in Chapter Two it is just Josh trying to protect his baby. That part almost made my whole night, and made me happier about the movie itself. So I don't doubt at some point we'll see the ending of Chapter Two integrated into the third movie. Most likely at the end. Before I close out there is one thing I will mention, fan made or not, I can't tell there are various images of the Black Bride. This is before the events of Insidious One and Two but not before Josh. In fact it's after, so we could see Her/Him. We have yet to see. I'd like to think she doesn't see the Black Bride but as always we won't know it all till the end.

Have a Great day and as always Thank you for reading! I have many theories for other movies and series like The Flash and so on! If you enjoyed let me know!


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