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The Ouija Board is known for its various appearances in film but let's look at some real information about this "game".

1. The Ouija board has many names such as "talking board" "spirit board" "witch board" "psychic board" "devil board" "angel board" "ghost board" and many more names I'm sure.

2. The Ouija board was originally used in other countries to contact spirits or predict the future but it wasn't until the 1800's that Elijah Bond brought this into commercial use as an innocent game for all ages to play. Soon after that, the Parker Brothers (creaters of Monopoly, Clue, Sorry, and other classics) used the Ouija board as a way to connect people in relationships. Most old advertising features a male and female playing the Ouija together.

3. The classic shape of the planchette (the peice that moves on the board) is a mystery. Some say it was in the shape of a heart for people who used the game to bond with other people. There are more shapes than just the heart. The shape of the planchette differs from company to company. Different countries=different brands.

4. People tend to be hesitant when going to use a Ouija board because of the bad reputation given off from stories, claims and films such as "THE EXORCIST", which is said to be inspired by a true event.

5. The board itself is actually sold almost anywhere from TOYS 'R' US, TARGET, BIG LOTS, BARNES&NOBLE, to any other mainstream mall or department store. Some are sold in pink and some are classic wood. Some even glow in the dark. The way you think about the Ouija board is all up to you. The main reason why people are against it is because of their religion. Some believe it's bogus while some think it's harmless. The most common belief is that whatever energy you have on your mind is the energy the board will give back.

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