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It is starting to become a common theme for us to get a new show every season, coming from the existing DC shows on the CW. From Arrow came Flash, and now from both of them comes Legends of Tomorrow, a show about a team who have to come together in order to combat an immortal threat of immense strength. The seeds of this show have been lain in Arrow season 3 and Flash season 1, and now we have the first trailer.

What can we learn from this about the show? And what have we learned already about it from Arrow and Flash this year?

Well, let's start with the characters. Now from that trailer we know that Arrow and Flash will both have at least a cameo, but it looks like Flash will play a slightly more major role, at least in an episode or two. For now we know that the following will be members of the team:

Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh)- The A.T.O.M

Ray was introduced in Arrow this year, and his development during the season into the ATOM was a sub plot I much enjoyed. I think Ray will be the closest thing to a team leader. While Rip Hunter will bring them together, he is much too roguish to be organising them in combat.

Martin Stein (Victor Garber)- Firestorm?

Possibly one of the most confusing things about the show so far is the lack of Robbie Amell in the casting. Firestorm was introduced in Flash season 1 and is... kind of a package deal. Not having Amell on the ticket is an indication that the beginning of Flash season 2 will deal with either his death, or Firestorm separating, in which case Stein will be on the team without powers, or both of the men will have the powers separately. I hope he will have the powers, but you never know. I'm surprised the creators knew they wouldn't be able to have him so early, showing they have certainly planned ahead, unless Amell refused to be in the show.

Sara Lance (Caity Lotz)- White Canary

Another of the major questions about the show was Sara Lance, who was killed at the beginning of Arrow season 3. However, as suspected, Sara will be resurrected by the Lazarus Pit that the League of Assassins controls, presumably Malcolm Merlyn, having taking control of the league, will resurrect her in an attempt to appease Nyssa Al Ghul, who was her lover and hates Merlyn for what he did to Sara. Upon her return, she will be changed, as so often occurs to those who enter the waters of a pit. She will now be the White Canary, which is an exciting prospect, considering that she never really was Black Canary.

Kendra Saunders (Ciara Renee)- Hawkgirl

An exciting new character, Kendra Saunders was given a cameo in the finale of Flash season 1, and is going to be one of the most well known DC characters brought into the CW universe. Hawkgirl brings a whole new level of powers into the universe, as before they were all caused by particle accelerators. This is much more magical, and is exciting to see. I can't wait to see her in action.

Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill)

Although not seen yet, Rip Hunter was referenced by Harrison Wells in the finale of The Flash. He is leader of the Time Masters, who basically made time machines in the future, and now he has come back to our time to assemble this team to defeat an insurmountable evil.

Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller)- Captain Cold

I was so happy when I heard Captain Cold would be a member of the team instead of a recurring villain. Wentworth Miller is one of my favourite people in the CW universe, he is an amazing Captain Cold, and I really am excited to see more of him in Legends.

Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell)- Heatwave

This is an interesting addition. Obviously Heatwave is best friend to Captain Cold, and Purcell is great on screen with Miller, but why Heatwave and not any of the other Rogues? Come to think of it, why the two of them instead of any of the other villains we have seen in Arrow or Flash? What makes them special? This is hopefully something that they will explore in the series with Rip Hunter, why was it these people? Stein mentioned it in the trailer, and it will be interesting to find out.

Jay Jackson (Franz Drameh)

Not in the trailer, not anyone that we already know from the comics. Basically, a total mystery. I've got a couple thoughts. Many people think he could be Cyborg, mainly because he is a high school athlete, but I think he may turn into the new second half of Firestorm. If Ronnie dies, or somehow decides not to be firestorm anymore and separates from Stein, then maybe Stein somehow forms to another person. Firestorm was always a couple of high school kids, so it would be interesting to see half of him as that. Whoever Jay Jackson is, he may not be revealed until much closer to the time.

That's the whole team, with the exception of maybe Arrow, Flash or any of the heroes in their shows. Most of the Arrow cast has been confirmed for the pilot, including Black Canary, John Diggle and Stephen Amell. The last major casting that still has to take place is that of the villain, Vandal Savage. This has to be someone awesome, with a lot of on screen presence. Matt Nable as Ra's Al Ghul this season on Arrow was amazing, and I trust that the CW casting team will be able to handle the challenge of finding us a Vandal Savage.

The other interesting thing about the show is that it appears it may be only one season, more of a miniseries than a full series. After they defeat Savage will it be over? And, if so, what will these characters do after it? Are the CW testing these characters to see if they deserve to be in other shows? I think some of them could definitely move to their own shows, or at least other ones. White Canary and Hawkgirl, what if they joined Black Canary and made the birds of prey? An all female show would certainly be a big boost for the CW. Or ATOM, surely he could have a show, even if he takes a couple of these heroes with him to a city and starts fresh as a hero there? We could make another show out of that. Personally, I would be perfectly happy to see this show extended and go on as a full show, although Captain Cold and Heatwave will probably go back to the Flash as villains at some point, mostly because they only just completed their line up in the penultimate episode of Flash. But we will have to wait and see, until then, we wait for the next trailer.

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