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Known best for heroes such as Batman, Superman, Wonder-woman, The Flash etc, DC Comics sure have produced an eccentric amount of powerful superheroes, throughout the years, but only some of those really got attention. Others...well, it's almost as if they were put to the side.

The following superheroes are the ones who I personally think, are not only some of the EPIC super-powers in the DC universe, but also deserve some of the spotlight aswell, or at least more, anyway.

Starfire / Koriand'r

Oh yes, the Tamaranean princess herself.

Starfire's probably best known from the 2003 animated series "Teen Titans" as an innocent, young princess from Tamaran who was befriended by the other 4 titans. On the same show, she was widely known for being the 'happy, cheerful one'. Her storyline on the show had quite a lot of aspects from her comic book history however, such as her to being the only alien on Earth, her hatred-filled relationship with her antagonist sister Blackfire, and her duties as the princess of Tamaran.

In the DC comics, she is widely known for being the formerly warrior princess of Tamaran. She had found a brand new home on Earth, and another in the Teen Titans. Starfre has also been with the Outsiders, Justice League, R.E.B.E.L.S. and currently, is with the Outlaws.

Starfire was, and always will be my FAVORITE DC female superhero. She possess an eccentric amount of power, and a wide range of abilities that would be most intriguing to look into. One thing we know for sure is that she will definitely be appearing as one of the heroes on the new TV show "Titans", which I guess is a stepping-stone, for her being seen on TV.


Although, from everyone else on the list, is a-lot more known on TV itself, I just felt that she needed to be included on this list.

She is probably the reason I love magicians and magic so much. Zatanna, daughter of John Zatanna, is a superhero magician who is able to cast powerful spells, which she does by speaking backwards. Zatanna works as not only a stage performer, but also as a member of the Justice League of America. She has been seen on few animated series, such as Batman: The Animated Series, Batman: The Brave And The Bold, Young Justice (Invasion), and the TV series Smallville.

I think it'd be excellent if she had her own TV show, because why not? It's about time a TV show was made about a bad-ass magician who can kick butt by saying words backwards,don't you think? Now THAT IS a TV show I'd DEFINITELY not hesitate to watch.


Also (mainly) known for her role in the Teen Titans, Raven is the half demon daughter of Arella, and antagonist, Trigon. Raven is one of the longest serving members of the Teen Titans In the comics, she;s always trying to battle her demonic side, to keep it at bay, which she inherited from Trigon. Unlike her character in the comics, the animated series "Teen Titans" mainly focused Raven's powers on the ability of telekinesis.

She was able to move things, from smaller items such as books, to even being able to move 2 LARGE buildings at once, if she wanted to. Over her comic years, Raven's been seen as a hero having a wide variety of powers, but because of her inability to control them, a lot of her powers are still unknown to date.

I've always thought her character to be really interesting, and especially her past with Trigon and Arella. Compared to other DC heroes, it is most certainly different from theirs. Just like Starfire, she will make an entrance soon, in "Titans", which I guess is working progress.


The badass-soul-sucking-vengeance-superhero himself, SPECTRE, definitely made his spot on this list.

Well, what we know from the DC comics, is that Spectre is a (former) angel named Aztar ,who is in-fact a supernatural hero unlimited might,who is always bound to the soul of a dead human. Over all of thhe ages, Spectre has beem merged with the souls of many.

He does sound kinda antagonistic, but anyway, throughout The Modern Age, there have only been 3 human beings who have been bound to Spectre. His main job has always been to punish the wicked.

Since one of his hosts, has been Hal Jordan himself, think that would be a MAJOR plot twist to his story-line, if Spectre was made into a TV show, itself. Boy, that would be one hell of a rollercoaster adventure, right? I'd be totally down to seeing him on TV, and if not his OWN TV show, then surely as a guest star on Arrow, most likely.

Hal Jordan (Spectre II)
Hal Jordan (Spectre II)

Freedom Fighters

Well, technically this is a superhero team, but why not? It's about time a DC superhero team, excluding the Justice League was introduced on the small / big screen.

Formed by Uncle Sam, The Freedom Fighters are a crime-fighting team, who just scream out "Justice and peace". At first, they were mainly formed to defeat the Nazis in a parallel universe, in which THEY were winning World War II, these golden age heroes traveled to that Earth and saved all of the people. Ever since, all the various incarnations of The Freedom Fighters fight to protect America. This team have only made a small entrance in the animated series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

There are a lot of people who only really pay attention to " The Avengers vs Justice League".
But what if it were Freedom Fighters vs X-men, or the fantastic 4', or something as such. Surely, that would make out to be a remarkable fight between the teams. It's time somebody took this crime-fighting team out of the dark, and into the light.

So, what did you think of this list? Let me know in the comments!


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