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Wolverine is one of the most popular Marvel heroes. And when it was announced that Hugh Jackman would be retiring after only 2 more movies, he is leaving big shoes to fill. So I have chosen 3 people who I think could pull it off and be the next Logan.

1) Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy has played some great characters, in great movies, and has done a great job. He also has the chops to pull off a hard character like Wolverine.

2) Joel Edgerton

When I think of Wolverine( besides Hugh Jackman) I think of this guy. He is a tough guy and can definitely fill in Jackman's shoes.

3) Gerard Butler

This may be an older choice for the role. But this guy has played some very kick-butt character and could do it again for Wolverine.

4) Norman Reedus

This Walking Dead actor is a fan favorite for Wolverine. He has that gritty voice and personality that would make him a great wolverine.

5) Andrew Lincoln

Another Walking Dead, Lincoln could play an amazing Wolverine. He looks a lot like Wolverine and he can also grow a great beard.

6) Kit Harington

Harington has a definite fan-base with Game of Thrones, and he has done an excellent job as Jon Snow. He also has that tough personality that Wolverine has.

7) Taylor Kitsch

A underrated actor, Kitsch has proved him self as being able to play a superhero in X-men Origins: Wolverine. He has demonstrated his acting talent and could do it again as Wolverine.

8) Joe Mangoniello

An actor most known for his role in Magic Mike, this 6'5 actor has the look to play Logan. Wolverine is a shorter hero, but Jackman was 6'2, so he is great pick be Wolverine.

9) Charlie Hunnam

Known for his role in Sons of Anarchy, Hunnam has the grit to play a tough Wolverine. He would probably have to dye his hair for the role, but he would have a great fan-base to play Wolverine.

10) Scott Eastwood

Son of a legend, Clint Eastwood, Scott hasn't had as much movie experience. But he is Clint's son, so we know he has talent and great possibility. I would love to see him as Wolverine and he would make a great choice for a younger role.


Do you agree with my choices?


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