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I'm a huge superhero buff, so I was counting on [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) on being the best summer blockbuster of 2015. However, I'm surprised to say that Mad Max: Fury Road sneaked in and stole that no. 1 spot in my heart.

You have to see [Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445). Don't believe me? Well then, here's five reasons you have to see Mad Max: Fury Road.

Warning: Potential Spoilers For Mad Max: Fury Road follow.

1. It Has A Near Perfect Score On Rotten Tomatoes

I got to admit, I was a little unsure about how this movie would fair. Not to worry, though! It hit a certified fresh 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and continued to blow reviews up all over the internet. Nearly every review I read on the movie gave it two thumbs up and some. Ask anyone who's seen the movie, and they'll tell you it's every cent of your money.

2. It Appeals To Men and Women Alike

While you could say from the trailers that it looks like just a bunch of fanboy car chases and explosions, the movie is actually very thought out and appeals to the lady folk just as much as it does to the guys. Generally speaking, the movie is about a car chase through the desert. Naturally, there's tons of explosions, rock music, blood, gore, screams, grunts, punches, and more explosions. However, underneath the surface, the movie really is about a heroine saving other girls from a vicious, sex abuser with a passion for blood. Although the main character is Max, women will get just as involved when they see a struggling female general trying to protect life and save a bunch of young, pregnant girls.

3. The Story Blends Into The Previous Films

We live in a world of reboots. This is why Mad Max: Fury Road is a very welcome relief from all the hectic reboot frenzy the movie world's dove into. Besides the fact that Tom Hardy plays Mad Max (and not Mel Gibson), the rest of the story serves as a sequel to the older Mad Max trilogy. There's no reboot, no going back and reviewing the trilogy. You're thrown right into the fray and expected to be caught up on the last three movies. However, it doesn't lean on the trilogy, but stands on it's own, which is why you have to see this absolutely amazing movie!

4. The Soundtrack Is Mad

Even if you don't notice it directly while you're watching the movie, you'll start to realize that the soundtrack for Mad Max: Fury Road reflects the insanity of the movie. It's mad. It sounds simply mad. Junkie XL has done a phenomenal job with the music. It's a frenzied rock mixed with cruel pounding percussion and everything else awesome. Don't listen to it for too long, though. It could drive you mad.

5. Mad Max: Fury Road Is The Definition Of Mad Insanity

There's nothing more terrible, horrifying, satisfying, insane, mad, and intense as Mad Max: Fury Road. It has 120% the feels of a movie fueled by pure insanity. Everyone has gone mad. It will test the limits of your brain as you watch character after character turn to their darkest side and go crazy. Everyone's mad, and everyone's trying to survive. Thus, chaos ensues. It's a perfect, mad, insane movie.


Are you going to see Mad Max: Fury Road?


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