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Another week, another Netflix review. It's a little late this week because I was a bit busy with other articles. Anyway, this week I went for something a little different, 30 minutes or less.

30 minutes or less is about Nick (Jesse Eisenberg- Zombieland, The Social Network) who is a loser pizza delivery guy, living with his friend Chet (Aziz Ansari- Parks and Recreation) and trying desperately to have a relationship with the love of his life Kate (Dilshad Vadsaria- Revenge) who is also Chet's sister. One night on a delivery, Nick is ambushed by Dwayne (Danny McBride- Pineapple Express, This is the End) and Travis (Nick Swardson- Bolt, Grown ups 2) who are attempting to kill Dwayne's evil dad for his money. To do this, they hired a contract killer, but to pay his extensive fee, they kidnap Nick and strap a bomb to him in order to force him to rob a bank. What follows is the most incompetent bank robbery ever, as well as a series of hilarious chase scenes and action sequences. I was personally surprised at how good this film was, not just as a situation comedy, but as an action film. It certainly wasn't the traditional Netflix film, and I deem it a proper golden nugget of Netflix.

Jesse Eisenberg's traditional "loser nerd" performances also give a good laugh, and it's fun to watch them and think "this is going to be Lex Luthor next year". But of course the versatility of Eisenberg will lend itself well to a role like that. Anyway, the on screen chemistry between these different characters is what makes this film, that and the hilarious way that all of their motives constantly change as the situation shifts from one crazy place to another. Watch out for Michael Pena (Fury, End of Watch) as well as Fred Ward (Tremors, 2 Guns) in smaller roles, which are both absolutely hilarious. I personally am not a fan of Danny McBride, but this role was perfect for him, as the doesn't care about anyone else guy who only cares about screwing over everyone around him. I'm going to look out for more like this on Netflix from now on, because it surprised me, and was certainly different to the other films on Netflix. Very unique, very funny, great film.


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