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I was raised on Friday the 13th
Erik Silgman

This is clearly a cinematic masterpiece. Using a limited amount of c.g.i.s, Miller revitalizes his franchise with the best action movie since Terminator 2. But lets face it folks, today's standards for a film like this are way higher. George Miller delivers a post apocalyptic world of high octane carnage. Huge performance by Charlize Theron, and the sky is the limit for Tom Hardy after this film. I am really trying to rack my brain for something negative to say about this film, and I am coming up with nothing. I guess this would not be the type of movie that you could walk around quoting to your friends, as the film is highly visual. Other than that, it was probably the most exciting two hours that I have ever spent in a cinema. A friend of mine asked me if he would feel like a bad parent if he took his ten year old son to see this movie. I told him not to hesitate, because despite the violence, this is truly a pure vision of a warped, desolate future. I did not find the language to be vulgar, and there is no to little sexual content. I hope I am not giving the impression that this is a dull film, because it is quite possibly the best action movie I have ever seen. JJ Abrams better bring his A game in December, because Mad Max: Fury Road could quite possibly toss Star Wars: The Force Awakens back into outer space.


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