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This is a list of the ten games/groups of related titles I want to see revealed at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. Keep in mind that these come from established properties, as it would be far too time-consuming to come up with ten new ideas for game franchises, even though I have enough ideas of my own. Anyway, I hope you don't hate it too much. (Also, if anyone knows how to decrease picture sizes on this site, I'd love to know.)

10. Pokken, Bloodborne, Master Chief Collection and Halo 5, Gears of War PC collection. Red Dead Redemption, Disgaea 5, Bayonetta collection, Fable Collection Re-release for PC (a bunch of PC ports)

"May be available later on other platforms."? Nah
"May be available later on other platforms."? Nah

Some of these are quite a stretch, but it's basically a collection of older and newer games I want to see on the PC, because I have a PC and no next-generation consoles. I would love to try Pokken, which is a recently unveiled Pokemon arcade fighter from the creative team behind Tekken. I'm also a big Disgaea fan, but I know there's basically no hope for those. I don't expect to see the Bayonetta games but I don't think it's as out of the question as Disgaea. Capcom has had decent success with Devil May Cry on the PC and it'd be cool to see it get some competition in the spectacle fighter genre. Besides, it'd look absolutely stellar with higher end PC graphics. As far as the Halo games go, I have a lot of fondness for the first three titles, and so it'd be sweet to play them remastered, but not for Xbox One. I also think it'd be great to see their next game come to PC, though Microsoft is so desperate to try to convince gamers that they have a worthwhile product, they likely won't let that happen. There aren't many PC shooters that play like Halo, but the first two Gears of War games are among my favorites. Their PC versions aren't the easiest to come across or operate with Windows Live, not to mention the fact that Gears 3 will be probably never be released for PC.

The two of these that I want the most are Bloodborne and a Fable collection. The original Fable has already been remastered (though I wouldn't need a remastered version) to decent success, and its sequel never got a PC release. Then there's Fable III, a game I've considered getting on PC since I no longer own a 360. I've read nothing but horror stories from gamers desperately trying to get the game to run properly on their PC's and threads on Lionhead's site full of complains, with Lionhead employee responses that have yielded no clear results. I think Bloodborne will take less time to explain. I mean, Dark Souls is cool, but I don't love it. I wish it was more fast-paced and timing oriented, which is exactly what Bloodborne brings to the table. It just looks amazing and fun, and I think I'd enjoy it a lot more. I'm not a "Master Race" kinda guy, but I have a gaming PC and who wouldn't want all the games out there to be released for the system they have?

I want these games more than their position on this list might let on, but I still think the ranking is fair.

9. Cyberpunk 2077/Prey 2 Re-confirmed

While the former has yet to be officially canceled and CD Projekt Red recently stated that its release was more or less pushed back as the company was still intending to focus on The Witcher for the next two years. A teaser was released, then nothing, then it was being pushed back indefinitely, which are a few of the many symptoms of games that will eventually be cancelled. I'm not saying that's the case, but I have enough reason to have this suspicion, especially after that amazing announcement trailer from almost three years ago, along with their reputation for quality.

Prey 2 on the other hand, has been a confirmed cancellation for over half a year. I've never played the original, though I've heard good things. This is another game that got me foaming because of its teaser trailer. Based on its seemingly fast-paced and tactical style, I'm not as confident that Bethesda can live up to the expectations. Also, I am op the unpopular opinion that they're very hit and miss. Skyrim, Morrowind, and New Vegas are amazing, however, Oblivion and Fallout 3 were painfully dull and boring, and Dishonored controlled like melting butter, sliding around while you're trying to cut it, and it had a lame story. Either way, I'd flip out if I saw a new Prey 2 trailer at this year's show. Again, these have been announced before, hence their ranking on this list.

8. Asura's Wrath sequel/spiritual successor

Asura's Wrath was one of my favorite games of the last console generation. It's a spectacular collision of God of War, Prince of Persia, Dragon Ball Z, and Buddhist symbolism. The story is an intense personal journey wrought with betrayal and perseverance. The gameplay is an action-paced spectacle fighter with boss fights showing planet and galaxy-busting entities duking it out, often hand-to-hand. Actually, it would make for an amazing comic or anime series. The artwork is gorgeous and the musical composition is beautiful, fitting the game perfectly with its blend of Asian and Indian-influenced tempos and instrumentation, as well as some more intense orchestral pieces and even some rockin' tunes. It's an awesome experience and I want more like it.

7. Dino Crisis 4/Darkstalkers 4

The two most underrated franchises from Capcom's PS1 era, similar to, yet buried beneath Resident Evil and Street Fighter Alpha. I personally think they're superior to their contemporaries, even with my nostalgia glasses off. Dino Crisis was more precise and fast-paced in combat than Resident Evil and with a more vibrant world (I'm aware that RE was supposed to be dark), a better plot, and, of course, DINOSAURS, it feels better than trying to control older RE games. I can't even imagine how glorious this game would be with current generation technology. It would probably be wise not to ask same people to work on it, as I've seen the last main series Resident Evil.

As for Darkstalkers, it was a more difficult, faster-paced version of Street Fighter with near-perfect controls and epic imagery. Classic horror icons like Dracula and The Werewolf were twisted to be as awesome as possible, with gorgeous gothic and industrial horror-themed backdrops. I honestly think that, if marketed properly (unlike the re-release on 360 and PS3, CAPCOM!), it'd sell really well too. Again though, Capcom has proven they don't care about this franchise, but a company like Arc System Works or even Lab Zero Games could do an awesome job.

6. New CustomRobo/Gundam with multiplayer or MMO

CustomRobo is a brutally underrated Nintendo series that was neglected way too early, as it had great mech combat, a high level of customization, and controls/aesthetic that would still hold up today. I'd adore a larger scale MMO or a game with a multiplayer component to be released. If it was just tweaked gameplay-wise but was on a much larger scale, it'd be endlessly fun and I think it would sell better than Nintendo would ever give it credit for. It would also be cool to have that type of game but within the Gundam or even Zone of the Enders franchise.

5. Metroid Prime 4/Super Metroid thing

I don't think I need to explain much here. Super Metroid and Metroid Prime are two of the greatest and most critically successful series (prior to popularity determining scores) of all time. They're both also among my favorite games. Super Metroid was a revolution when it came to exploration in gaming and it still looks and plays amazingly today. Metroid Prime was, in my opinion, the Gamecube's best exclusive and one of the best games of one of the greatest console generations. It's also a standard that FPS games still fail to live up to in terms of control, atmosphere, and sheer fun. Of the two, I'd rather see a new Metroid prime (especially considering the handful of 2D Metroid games out there, and all the similar Castlevania games), but I'd adore a new Super Metroid type game too. Maybe Prime for console and Super Metroid for 3DS?

4. Shenmue 3

Shenmue wasn't so much underrated as financially straining for SEGA. Though it sold a really nice 1.1 million units worldwide, the game cost $70 million dollars to make. Every Dreamcast owner would've had to purchase two copies in order for it to break even, meaning that SEGA expected that at least as many people as there were with Dreamcasts would now want to get one of their own because of Shenmue. Though I'd argue it's a worthwhile purchase, it was also a horrible marketing strategy. The game was massive, even by today's standards, and it was the first truly interactive and open world (yep, that was Shenmue, not GTA III) with a bustling community, a huge scope, an intense story, and a dynamic fighting system, as well as Sims-esque menial life tasks that added a surprising amount of immersion to the whole thing. Many consider the Yakuza games, which I love, to be spiritual successors. Yet, across the two games we got in the series, we've only received half of Yu Suzuki's complete story and vision, and that kind of sucks a lot.

3. Bushido Blade Sequel or Reboot/New Chrono Game

Bushido Blade was and still is a unique and widely innovative fighting game franchise. It's a samurai/ninja-based game designed more around methodical strategy and precise attacks rather than combos and button-mashing. The original games on the Playstation still provide a great time because there's nothing else like them. If someone could take that base and craft an even more precise controlling game utilizing modern technology to make every blow result in more realistic damage and add more realistic physics, it could be a dream come true for fighting fans who want a challenge, or for Dark Souls fans looking for a fighting game. Unfortunately, I wouldn't trust Square Enix to make it anymore, so we're gonna have to find someone else.

Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger, on the other hand, were both expertly crafted RPG gems and are considered to be undeniable classics, especially Trigger. It'd be splendid to see Sakaguchi, Toriyama, Uematsu, Horii, and even producer Aoki, to come together to create another huge, expansive RPG with an intense story, an infinitely interesting and beautiful world, and great gameplay. I don't see it as being likely but with the influx of old-school styled RPG's spawning lately, it'd be sweet to see some of the biggest names behind the genre's early successes come back and make something again.

2. State of Emergency 3/Red Dead 3, L.A. Noire 2

These are three franchises I want to see more of. L.A. Noire has quickly been forgotten in the gaming world, even though I honestly think it's the best detective-style game I've played. The stories and cases are really well done, the dialog is great and the gameplay is surprisingly good. Even foot chases and gunfights are done really well despite being secondary and the game never loses its intense and dramatic feel. Everyone loved Red Dead Redemption and I think its predecessor, Red Dead Revolver, was very underrated. It's a huge, sprawling western world with great characters, a beautiful world and a fantastic story. With all the GTA games we have, we could use more Red Dead. I personally think State of Emergency is easily Rockstar's most underrated property. It's basically a game where you destroy as much as possible, and there are many varied areas, unique enemies, and a wide array of weapons to choose from. Their ability to make such a massive scale game in 2002 is amazing and it would be a great competitor to Dead Rising 3 if another was made with next-generation technology. It could be so massive and would allow for so much that I can't properly wrap my mind around it.

1. Jade Empire 2 or a Completed Jade Empire

As many of you could probably gather from my last list, I loved Jade Empire but thought it was unfinished. It feels like half of its story was taken out to meet a deadline and I think this greatly wounded an otherwise stellar experience for me. If you want more on why I want this so much, feel free to check out my last article, I'd just be repeating myself otherwise. It's got an excellent story (gutting aside), stellar combat, amazing music, beautiful world, etc. My previous post explains it all in more detail.

I hope I didn't leave out too many of your favorites, though I left out some more games that I'd like to see. Feel free to civilly discuss my list and have a good one.


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