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In a series of moments in which Barry’s speed came all too easily, the focus was shifted to what defines Barry Allen as the Flash.

By his own admission, Pseudo-Wells admits that his hate and vendetta against the Flash existed in “a future”, that by implication, defines Barry’s actions in this timeline as admirable and certainly defining. In a universe where it is his speed that physically anoints him as the Flash, it is his decisions that make Barry Allen a justifiable hero.

With Wells’ words hinting that the future will never be as Wells knew to be, Killer Frost may remain on the peripheral of the wormhole of Barry’s Future, should he have aligned himself with Wells’ agenda. It was only upon a second look that I noticed Killer Frost was not another variation of the canary. I’m all for a costume review, should she appear.

With the turn of events in which Barry does not save his mother, but instead gets some much needed closure, the proverbial shit, hits the fan in a showdown between the two speedsters.

After trying to hightail it out there through a Rip Hunter time travel prototype after the original flash, Jay Garrick, literally throws his hat into the ring, Barry comes back fists flying (too many puns, I know; I won’t stop) to stop Wells.

In a heroic movement of his own Eddie, ceases all action through his own death. Perhaps, not quite understanding what he has done, Eobard Thawne’s erasure from history and the future causes a much feared singularity.

Also in the realm of things I never want to see happen is, the absence of Tom Cavanagh in the series.

If Eobard Thawne ceased to exist, a whole plethora of questions arises on the night of Nora Allen’s death. Will Harrison Wells’ corpse revive? or will his body become the link to the lazarus pits that we need to set the return of Sara Lance in motion? In which show will Sarah be revived? In the ending moments our Legends of Tomorrow cast is introduced, making me think The Flash and it’s time travel link will feature her return.

Will Rip Hunter, introduce himself in the season 2 opener and save the day? or will Barry, running faster than before, throw himself back in time again, and reduce the finale to nothing?

Unlikely, yet hopeful, will Jay Garrick be the one to aid Barry’s closure of the singularity and become a new mentor? or is his appearance purely for the sake of saving the day and getting out of there before he alters his own newly saved timeline?

OR like the grandfather paradox, is all as it’s supposed to be?

Iris’ conversation with Barry seemed very much like one full of closure, obviously due to Barry’s attempt to change the past, but upon the episode’s conclusion, it is one full of acceptance that nothing is truly known.

With Eddie’s body being ripped into a wormhole, is Eddie the Hero? or is he to be revived in an epic reveal moment to come?

Ripped through time, Eddie’s future is again out of his hands. Will the subversion his apparent ‘choice’, be the vendetta for a potential return?

It’s obvious that being stuck in the wrong time, can make one bitter, and Eddie has been fighting his predicted doom.

With Eobard Thawne gone, will one Thawne prevail? This season we got the hero we hoped Eddie would become, but in twisty comic book fashion, and adoration of the character, I’m hesitant to say goodbye.

The most emotionally poignant sequence of the season thus far was the death of Barry’s mother. Barry making the wise decision to leave things be, from the counsel of his older self, prevented him from saving both his Mother and his Father from being imprisoned. His future self warns him against doing anything, as if he himself was part of this cyclical timeline. Which makes me wonder what has Eddie truly changed?

Is the singularity the only thing stopping an alternate timeline sparking?

Having controlled his life for so long, how will Barry continue as the Flash now that the catalyst behind his origins, never existed?

Between destiny, and coincidence, the Flash will continue as a riveting set of circumstances and time travel paradoxes -with a side of meta humans.

Hoping to be answered in the season 2 opener:

Who will save the day? Rip Hunter, Barry Allen, or Jay Garrick?

Or will Cisco save the day? without a mentor, will Cisco be able to evolve as Vibe?


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