ByLuke Gordon Smith, writer at
Your friendly neighborhood Movie Pilot writer.
Luke Gordon Smith

1) Dylan O'Brien

This fairly new actor has recently launched his career with Teen Wolf. And has been sailing from there. With a Marvel movie under his belt, he could really go far.

2) Dave Franco

If you do not recognize his name, you will probably recognize his brother, James Franco. I personally prefer Dave. He has been in some really good movies and could definitely do a great job as Spiderman.

3) Taron Egerton

This English actor is new to the stage with only one movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service. But I think he could go far with Spiderman.

4) Donald Grover

This is the oldest actor on the list, at 31. But I put him on this list because he can do it. I am a fan of an African American actor, and I think he could do the best at it.


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