ByAubrey Stingley, writer at

Some "Avatar the Last Airbender" fans were a little,OK,really mad when they found out how off the movie was to the show. Since I am one of those fans I needed to write about it.

1.Aang never knew how to earthbend in the first book in the show but in the movie he can bend them all.

2.They never fight hand and hand/karate but in one part Zuko and Aang are basically sparring like you would in karate class(trust me I know).

3.Aang never meets Iroh when Aang gets captured,well,Iroh never meets Aang.

4.In the movie they never fight in a village they fight in the jail but not in a village.

5.In the movie Aang stands there and does nothing while everybody kills each other(literally).

6.(not trying to be racist)Monk Gyatso was not black.

7.Aang had solid blue tattoos in the show in the movie he has black lines forming a arrow.

8.When they found Aang they were on icebergs but in the movie they were on a flat sheet of ice.


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