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I was raised on Friday the 13th
Erik Silgman

So the brand new palace cinema just opened up, right outside of Madison, Wisconsin. It truly is a remarkable cinema, and I wanted to make the first movie I saw there a giant 2015 blockbuster. I know that there are many die hard comic kids out there in the world, that take these reviews seriously, so I will try to remain tasteful.

I never really minded having to run to the bathroom, in order to maintain the number of Hulk Smash Mojitos I was enjoying, but I do remember that it was a hell of a drink. The original cast returns to give this film a college try, but for me the film fell a bit flat. I always liked Mark Ruffalo, as Bruce Banner, but I really could have done without this generic love affair that the Black Widow apparently now has with the Hulk character. Robert Downey Jr's role in the film seemed to be lessened, and these characters never truly provide an adrenaline rush down the stretch. It needs to be understood that I hold the franchise in high regard, so many of these comments are based on expectations that would be tough to match after the original.

This film does not live up to the original, and something needs to happen fast for me to maintain an interest in this continuing forward. The super star cast is back, but the laughs are quieter, the thrills are stuffier, and even the Hulk is less of a presence.


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