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I was raised on Friday the 13th
Erik Silgman

I was not a huge fan of this film, although I will not try to deter people from seeing it. Here we have a group of young actors, and a film maker working with less than one million dollars. It seems to be the popular way to try and turn a profit. Something about the characters in this film seemed unnatural to me. There were plenty of great "jump scenes," and plenty of suspense to give this movie shot, but the concept of a Skype ghost, just does not frighted me.

I was going to recommend this film based on originality, and later that night I decided to put on Netflix, and make it a double header. I decided to watch The Den, and I realized the movie Unfriended got the concept for their film from this 2013 movie. This was the deal breaker for me. I enjoyed The Den on my television at home, more than I enjoyed watching Unfriended, in a cinema full of millennium kids.


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