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Yes, I know. Nowadays, action comedy movie is very mainstream. The movies with the same genre for example are 21 jump street, the other guys, and the heat. From the creator of The Heat, came back with an action comedy and again starring Melissa McCarthy


Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) is a CIA agent working behind the desk. She guides his partner Bradley Fine (Jude Law) who directly does the mission in the field. One day, Bradley failed in carrying out the mission and die. The whole identities of the agents are uncovered. Susan who was never directly involved in the mission must carry out the mission successfully.

Yup, there is Jason Statham in the movie. Yes, the action hero Jason Statham who is known for his macho image, played in the film comedy. Who would have thought that he can portray agent Rick Ford who is serious but often randomly raved and sloppy. Jason Statham is very incredible in this film. His role can make the audience laugh

Melissa McCarthy remained with her image as a rough, loud and funny. Eventually she returned the in a good movie after bad movie like Tammy in last year. Her character is not much different as the character in The Heat, often spoke rudely and cursed.

As I said, for the movie plot, that is probably quite standard. Someone without experience that directly involved in the mission suddenly must complete an important mission. But seriously, this movie is awesome. This movie may be the best comedy in 2015 ... so far. The unique things from this film are, from posters, such as a little sarcastic for James Bond movie. Opening scene of the film also made similar to the James Bond franchise. Although many joke about boobs and joke-like in another action comedy movie, the film is still fun to watch.

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