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I was raised on Friday the 13th
Erik Silgman

I have recently been going up to acquaintances, and just uttering the word, "Zombeavers." Crazy? Possibly. However, I just can't seem to help myself after being thoroughly entertained by this film by Jordan Rubin. What do you get when you add some crazy good looking actresses, some nudity, some douche bags, and some hillbillies that accidentally dump some toxic sludge on a beaver dam? Well it's not Sharknado, but it is quite possibly the perfect storm.

I was enjoying the daytime scenery, early on in the film, when three young ladies decided they wanted to have a "girls weekend getaway." Unfortunately, beavers happen to be more active at night. I was able to wait for some action, with eager anticipation, and these beavers delivered. Without giving too much away, I would just like to say there is a "whack o mole" scene, when the zombie crazed beavers decide they want to come up through the floor boards. Can these beavers chew through wood, well, I guess you'll just have to wait and see!


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