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I heard rumors that not only is show runner Bryan Fuller trying to get rights to Silence of the Lambs but that he also wants to change the character's culture and change her from a scared rabbit from the Midwest white bred country girl to a woman of color. I don't understand why he may want to do that because then you will have to change her character's motivation, arc and traits and frankly her innocence and not being sophisticated or snappish was one of the things that endeared her to Lecter to begin with. Making her black or another culture is going to ruin that and I don't think Foster would like that either. It's NOT who Clarice Starling is in the novel, the award winning film and frankly just for fuck's sake to change a character's color is racism.

The character of Jack Crawford was changed to a black man but that did not alter his traits, arc or motivation. His back story wasn't known to the viewer so they could feel free to embellish that part of it. The problem I have is that actor Lawrence Fishburne is not that good of an actor and he is dwarfed by the other actors who are brilliant in their respective roles.

The last reason I don't think we should see Clarice in Season 3 she meets Lecter many years after he has been caught and has been in jail for the criminally insane for years. This is not her time although Fuller may think it is - I don't think he's right and I'm also thinking that MGM is not willing to give him the rights because of that.


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