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There's an almost undeniable benefit to radically changing your image between seasons. It's designed to jolt your audience out of any boredom that may have built up early in the story, and Hannibal Season 3 is proof that it works! This latest promo lets the cast in to give their opinions, and shows off what's to come!

I always find it slightly awkward when actors are made to rationalise the material they've been given, as if they weren't already selling it to us by, y'know... acting? The up side of this trailer gives us something much more interesting than Lawrence Fishburne trying and failing to find synonyms for the word "murder". NEW FOOTAGE!

We fans are now invited to inspect where each character is at as Hannibal Season 3 begins. So, what's going on with our murderous friends on their fancy European vacation?


Hannibal's hair is what's going on!
Hannibal's hair is what's going on!

Hannibal has his good behaviour cap on in this promo. Perhaps the best line to come from it is where he says "I've killed hardly anybody during our residence" as if murder is like leaving the toilet seat up. That "hardly" is a little suspect though, for Hannibal just can't seem to resist the "I would like to have you for dinner" double entendre. WE GET IT! YOU EAT PEOPLE! Immersing himself in the elite of Florence and dipping into a little murder once in a while seems to be Hannibal's idea of laying low. How long he can keep this up all depends on one person.

Dr Bedelia Du Maurier

Bedelia Du Maurier is the biggest question mark Hannibal Season 3 has going. She's the one character who doesn't appear in Thomas Harris' novels. Her presence is ambiguous, and you can tell that the show only half knows what to do with her. Bedelia's sudden reveal to be so pally with Hannibal was perhaps the weakest element of Season 2. This promo seems to play on that confusion, with Du Maurier torn between her sense of good and the little fact that your bf eats people! This dilemma seems to be showcased in what looks like a particularly grim scene where someone's life hangs in the balance.

This is why relationships are difficult!
This is why relationships are difficult!

Will Graham

Oh, Will! Even though you've become the least interesting thing about this series, you're no less adorable. In this promo, Hugh Dancy so aptly puts it that Hannibal's feelings are hurt, which makes every cut back to Mads Mikkelsen's stony face that much more hilarious. Of course, we're given Will's "I forgive you line", as if that' what fans are most excited for about Season 3, which, let's face it, it is. Hannibal also seems to leave Will a kind of origami "broken heart", which is as ominous as it is hilarious. I'm not even sure Hannibal is trying any more. He's just shocked at how easily he can manipulate Will, and now he's just enjoying himself.

Francis Dolarhyde

See I knew he'd be into Yoga!
See I knew he'd be into Yoga!

Here's another odd departure from the books. Body-building and body-biting Francis Dolarhyde doesn't initially become an antagonist until Hannibal is incarcerated, yet he's here being introduced while all the other characters are galavanting across Europe. It will be interesting to see how he's being implemented, and I'm hoping he won't drop into obscurity while Will and Hannibal work out their bromance.

At least they're not tribal tattoos.
At least they're not tribal tattoos.

Richard Armitage is a good choice for Dolarhyde, for he has a certain Ralph Fiennes quality that suits the intensity of the character. Aside from these familiar faces, what else is new in this trailer?

Well, Alana Bloom is back, but with a limp and a cain, so that automatically makes her more interesting. Mason Verger returns, not played by Michael Pitt, but seriously under all those prosthetics, does it really matter? And the woman who I can only presume is Lady Murasaki is still pointing that gun! As Caroline Dhavernas who plays Alana Bloom puts it, Season 3 is a blank slate, and I certainly can't think of any better way for this eclectic series to move forward!


Whose story are you looking forward to most in Hannibal Season 3?


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