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After the big Star Wars Celebration event and the huge reveals provided by the Vanity Fair cover story, the rumor mill has cooled down a bit when it comes to Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. Last week there were some interesting bits and pieces on Lando Calrissian, Boba Fett and the fight training Daisy Ridley received in preparation for Star Wars Episode 7 and her character of Rey. This week we'll continue on the Rey track and look at a couple new rumors that have emerged regarding her character and those persistent rumors about where she came from.

Rey: A Scavenger From Jakku

One of the unexpected reveals from Star Wars Celebration was JJ Abrams setting the record straight on this desert planet that we've seen so much of in the first two teaser trailers. Many suspected that this new trilogy may start off where the first one did - on the planet of Tatooine. But Star War Episode 7 has other plans and other planets to explore, including the new planet of Jakku.

We'll be finding out more about Jakku, there are books and games to be released that will fill in some of the holes, but we have already gathered that this is a planet that has seen some battles and is still littered with the remains of Star Destroyers and ships that provide Daisy Ridley's Rey with the parts that she makes her living salvaging and selling. There's also been a rumor that a good number of the people on Jakku are actually the survivors of this downed Star Destroyer, who were left behind by the Empire and forced to start their own civilization on this inhospitable planet.

Diasy Ridley's Rey and the desert of Jakku.
Diasy Ridley's Rey and the desert of Jakku.

This raises some questions about Rey and how she ended up as a scavenger on this planet. Is she the daughter of survivors from the Battle of Jakku or did she end up here for more practical reasons? For as long as we've known about Daisy Ridley's Rey there have been competing rumors about whether she is the daughter of Han Solo or Luke Skywalker. A new post on the spoiler-happy website Making Star Wars is continuing to flesh out a certain part of Star Wars Episode 7 that sheds a little more light on Rey's relationship with Han Solo.

Han Solo & Maz Kanata's Cantina

Ever since the first teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode 7, when we got our first look at the Millennium Falcon flying over the desert sands of Jakku, the relationship between Han Solo and Rey has been strong. There's still some questions about how the Millennium Falcon ends up on Jakku and how Rey and Finn end up in the company of Han Solo and Chewbacca - but if Han Solo is indeed the father of Daisy Ridley's Rey, this would answer a lot of questions in a pretty simple way.

Official concept art for Daisy Ridley's Rey.
Official concept art for Daisy Ridley's Rey.

I have to admit, I like the idea of Han Solo and Princess Leia having a kid even if Han and Leia might not be on the best of terms when we catch up with them in Star Wars Episode 7. The new rumor on MSW shows off the concept art of Rey that features the character looking very much like she's in possession of Han Solo's classic hand gun and tells us that this is given to Rey for protection as they head into Maz Kanata's pirate castle - the customers of which we got a pretty good look at in the pages of Vanity Fair.

Photo's of Maz Kanata's space pirate patrons.
Photo's of Maz Kanata's space pirate patrons.

It's easy to imagine Rey being the daughter of Han Solo and Leia and her ending up with Han Solo's iconic gun is definitely some more fuel for that fire. Even if Han Solo isn't on Jakku for the purpose of checking in on Rey and the two end up crossing paths just out of a simple twist of fate - there could still be a very good reason as to why Rey and Finn end up on the Millennium Falcon. But just as I like the idea of an estranged Han Solo and Leia, I like the idea of Han keeping an eye on Rey and him and the Millennium being there at the right time.

With Daisy Ridley picking up those bojutsu skills, and our introduction to her character being set to show off her dexterity and agility while scavenging through that dangerous crashed Star Destroyer, she's definitely looking to be the potential Jedi of the movie. Whether that makes her the daughter of Leia or Luke will probably continue to be a point of speculation for a while longer, but here's another check in the Leia column.

What do you think? What do you make of Daisy Ridley's Rey and thee planet of Jakku in [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158)? Share your best Rey speculations and fan fiction in the comments section below!


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