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Kristin Lai

It looks like Professor McGonagall's dance lessons before the Yule Ball have paid off! That, or someone has truly mastered the Tarantallegra spell.

So what happens when you combine the awesomeness of Harry Potter or some serious dance skills? This year's contestants of Britain's Got Talent have talent as well as the answer!

The dance troupe Entity Allstars appeared in the semi-finals as dueling Hogwarts students, donning their school robes and house colors. The group is comprised comprised of 20 young dancers from the ages of 10 to 20, and their onstage chemistry is seriously magical.

These boys don't need brooms to fly, they're perfectly capable of getting some serious air on their own. Check out their awesome acrobatic routine below:

While Harry usually wins, a misstep by the troupe's "Harry" the bad guys actually won this round! Don't worry, the Boy Who Lived will continue to dance another day despite his fall.

Even with this backflip gone wrong, the team will still be moving on to the finals this Sunday! With moves like this, I'm not surprised. Way to go, Entity Allstars!


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