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Classic horror films are amazing. Not only are they gory, horrific, terrifying, they also showcase some wonderfully dated fashions and hairstyles.

But, the plots refuse to die, unlike most of the movies characters. Ever heard of the phrase 'if it ain't broke don't fix it?' It seems that it is used a lot in the Hollywood horror industry as the past few years has seen a whole heap of re-makes of classic horror movies.

The plots may stay the same, the killers are just as crazy and murderous, but at least the fashion, graphics and settings seem a lot more modern.

I wonder what a remake of the remake will look like in twenty years time?! Anyway, here is a little collection of horror film posters from back then and now. The difference is amazing! Now you just need to decide if you prefer the retro, or you're more into the modern day version!

1. Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Originally made in 1958, the remake is not entirely that modern after being remade in 1978. Both great movies for horror fans, and science fiction fans!

2. Dawn Of The Dead

I don't know why the zombie has a white bald head on the poster back from 1978, but the 2004 poster is going more 'crap, there's a load of zombies heading my way' vibe which is kind of cool. Both incredible movies, but in the remake the zombies can run like the wind! Which will make it easier for them to catch you, so obviously makes things a lot scarier.

3. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Ok so by today's standards the 1984 poster is, well, 80's. But the skull is pretty creepy, the eyes are weirding me out. However the 2010 poster of a shadowy Freddy is sinister. I am wondering though, does the 2010 poster scare me because of Freddy, or because I've seen the original movie and that scared me half to death!

Like when Glen gets killed...

4. The Amityville Horror

Don't you just love a horror movie 'based on a true story'!? Anyway, the original movie came out in 1979, just a few years after a family was terrorized by a demonic presence in their new house, thought to be possessed by evil spirits that made some guy kill his entire family. Crazy stuff, plus, the house is pretty freaky looking. The top windows look like eyes right?! I like the burning red in the original, but the darkness of the 2005 gives you that foreboding feeling. And the guy is carrying something that could cause A LOT of damage to someone...

5. The Stepford Wives

Hollywood knows that Nicole Kidman is a hard hitter, but sadly the 2004 remake of the 1975 satirical thriller was completely panned by the critics. The term 'Stepford Wife' is the idea of a docile and fully compliant wife. This idea would probably be more shocking in the modern day, but, the original poster represents the movie more, or maybe it's just because I'm a sucker for 70's fashion...

6. The Eye

I would never really link Jessica Alba to horror, but here it is with 2008 movie The Eye, a remake of 2002 Hong Kong movie of the same name by the Pang Brothers. The original poster is much more sinster, and horror specific, the second one shows a huge Hollywood actress. I'm going to go with the original.

7. The Hills Have Eyes

Wes Craven's mutant wandering, atomic wasteland, human slaying extravaganza 1977 movie The Hills Have Eyes was written and directed by the now heralded horror director. And the guy on the poster means some scary mutant business. Then again, I wouldn't want to be the girl in the poster from 2006. Just been pinned down and ready to be eaten by a mutant with disgustingly dirty fingernails?! No thanks.

8. My Bloody Valentine

The original 1981 movie had a whole nine minutes cut out of it due to all the gore and savage murder stuff, it is a must see. And the killer is some maniac dressed mining gear, hence the gasmasks. With the 2009 remake being in 3D?! the axe coming out of the poster is pretty neat, and to be honest, the guy in the original poster looks like he's the scared one?! A scared maniac with a crystal ball balanced on his head.

9. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Another 'based on a true story' not only does this movie involve a seriously crazy killer, it's the 'being stranded in an isolated location while someone is trying to chop us up with a chainsaw' idea that makes both these movies am-az-ing. Leatherface has now become one of horrors most iconic characters thanks to the original 1974 flick. So does that mean the poster for the 2003 remake is scarier because we already know the character? I mean, who cares, the guy has a leatherface, a chainsaw and he reallllly wants to choose it to relieve you of your limbs. It's never not going to be scary.

10. The Ring

This is a tough one. Made only four years apart, the original Japanese movie was made in 1998, with the American remake hitting cinemas in 2002. If you haven't seen the original, do, it's insanely good. However, I like the remake poster because once you have seen the movie, the poster makes so much sense. Maybe it wouldn't want you to go and see it, but as soon as people told you about a girl crawling out of a TV, everyone was pretty much sold by it.

Let's just remind ourselves of that scene shall we?!

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