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It's probably fair to say that it's been an odd past few weeks for Asa Butterfield. In a fashion usually reserved for Kardashian's and JLaw, the past few weeks have seen speculation about the young actor race from 'widespread media silence' to 'constant stream of news, rumors and general speculation.' The reason?

He might just be Spider-Man.

But, then again, you already knew that. After all, the likes of Latino-Review and El Mayimbe have been reporting that his casting is a done deal for weeks now - reporting that Marvel and Sony have already offered the young actor the part of Peter Parker. The media conviction that it's Butterfield's part to lose has, in fact, grown so strong that even more cautious news sources are now reporting his position as the front-runner as less speculation, and more a done deal.

And yet, we still have no actual, official confirmation.

Or do we?

Did Butterfield Himself Just Confirm That He's Our New Spider-Man?

Well, it sure does seem like it.

Y'see, in the midst of all of that rampant speculation, Asa Butterfield did exactly what any other enterprising teenager would do - he went on Reddit.

Yup, that's right. Butterfield - using a username he verified two years ago for an AMA - just went on Reddit, and started responding to potential problems with his playing Spider-Man:

Now, intriguingly, Butterfield has since deleted his comments - which seemingly implies either that he independently thought better of them, or that someone at Marvel or Sony (presumably animatedly) suggested he should take them down. Which, in turn, very much suggests that he has something to lose - though whether that's an already confirmed role, or simply a shot at the part, remains to be seen.

But Does This Mean Butterfield IS Playing Spider-Man?

Well, it seems to me that there are two very different possibilities there:

1. Butterfield hasn't yet been confirmed as Spider-Man, but is in consideration, and way, way too enthusiastic about the prospect to keep his head down completely.


2. Butterfield knows that he has the role, and is aiming to set himself up - whether prompted by Marvel and Sony or not - as the fan-favorite candidate. After all, what's more fan-friendly than a self-deprecating teenager who seems genuinely desperate to appear in the MCU:

That's right - this isn't Butterfield's first time talking about playing Spider-Man on Reddit. Three months ago, the actor took to the site to entertainingly defend his own geekiness, as well as to confirm that he is in fact 'down to clown':

Now, that's still a long way from an official confirmation, but if you ask me, it makes option 2 - that Butterfield is laying groundwork to be a fan-friendly replacement for the popular Andrew Garfield - a heck of a lot more likely. At the very least, his enthusiasm suggests that should he be (or have already been) offered the part, there's virtually no chance of him saying no...

The big question, though?

What do you think?


Will Asa Butterfield be our new Spider-Man?



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