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Angela Clayton may be a young 18-year-old girl from Long Island, New York, but she is already making enormous waves with her immense talent, creativity, and professionalism.

Care to learn how to make an 1830's pleated day dress? Or even a Civil War Era plaid dress costume? Care to replicate that stunning emerald green dress Merida wears in Brave?

Just check out her blog here. Not only does she share her gorgeous designs, but she even walks you through how to create these costumes yourself with helpful instructions and photos.

If you need further assistance, I highly recommend perusing Clayton's YouTube channel. From crowns, to bodices, Disney characters' dresses, to holiday-themed dresses, you will be as skilled and sharp as Clayton, after a lot of dedication and practice too of course.

Itching to go fabric shopping and bust out your sewing kits? Take a peak at several of many designs created by the ever-so-talented Angela Clayton.

Alice In Wonderland

An outfit perfect for tea with the Mad Hatter during a very Merry Unbirthday celebration.

Appa and Momo from Avatar the Last Airbender

When winged lemur and buffalo befriend. This is incredibly adorable. I wonder if she makes Momo hoods for chinchillas.

Elsa from Frozen

I am not surprised that this Elsa gown took 250 hours to make. Just look at that meticulous attention to detail!

Merida from Brave

I'm sure just putting on that dress would boost anyone's confidence, immediately giving the wearer a surge of bravery. Check out Clayton pulling off that fierce shade of red hair.


What a princess! Just as lovely as darling Cinderella herself.

Christmas Angel Light Dress

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Those are actual lights at the bottom of her dress. She looks like she belongs at the top of a frosty, dazzled Christmas tree.

Halloween Dress

A dress inspired by my favorite holiday! I would wear this in an instant. And I don't mind a spider or two on my leg, as long as they're plastic.

Costume from the Portrait of Doña Isabel de Requesens by Raphael and Giulio Romano

Why visit the Louvre Museum in Paris when Angela Clayton fully the captures the essence of Doña Isabel? Does she know how beautiful she looks in that rich red shade?

Chemise a la Reine

She should be lounging in the country in the middle of spring with this dress. Move aside, Marie Antoinette!

I am suddenly getting those urges I felt when I was five years old, where I wanted to dress up as my favorite Disney characters, or pretend I was a lady during the 1700s or 1800s.

You're never too old for dress up time. With Clayton's dazzling costume designing, you can create your own dresses and crowns to your own taste, and look as stunning as ever.

[Source: Dose]


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