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Ah the good old days, remember them? When the goings on and secrets of a film set were, well, exactly that...secrets, until the production team deemed a few intrinsic nuggets of information ready for our manic and fevered digestion. Well those days are well and truly locked in the past, as any supermovie fan is well aware of by now.

A deluge of leaked images and videos from Suicide Squad's Toronto based set have been flooding the web over the past few months, and the downpour looks set to continue as footage of the Batmobile chasing The Joker and Harley Quinn in a ridiculous sports car has been plastered all over various social media outlets.

In the fan snapped videos, a green-haired and white-faced Joker, played by Jared Leto's stunt double, takes to Yonge Street in a purple sports car, embellished with underbody lighting, with Harley Quinn (or rather Margot Robbie's stunt double) lounging in the passenger seat:

Then, enter the Batman as he gives chase in his beast of a vehicle. How amazing is this Batmobile?!

The monumental reveal that Batman will indeed be making an appearance in Suicide Squad is a shrewd move by Warner Bros., seeing as the Dark Knight is their most reputable and marketable superhero to date. The assurance that fans will line up for miles to see Bats throw down with some of the most well known members of his rogues' gallery must have been a huge turning point for them also.

David Ayer and crew have been toiling away transforming Toronto into a site of destruction and brutal debauchery, what with the plane and helicopter crash sites being built as well as other car chases. The only thing that's left to ponder now is...what exactly will Task Force X be getting up to?

And just how involved is the Bat?

I guess we'll have to wait until August 5th 2016 to find out. Which is really too far away.

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