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Even though the Avengers earn their, hopefully ample, wage sprinting across the corners of the globe, warding off various dangers and saving lots of innocent lives, you may be surprised at how many times the heroes and villains of the Marvel universe have taken the extra step and straight up murdered someone who was standing between them and the pursuit of peace.

Comic-book zealots are already in the know regarding the deathly duties of super-people, but for everyone else who may have felt the heat of the burning question " who is the deadliest character in world of Marvel", UK costumers Morph Costumes have put together a lovely little infographic that details exactly that.

And looking over it has blown my mind, at least. I expected a high level of moral ambiguity from the likes of Deadpool and The Punisher, but not even Venom has killed as many people as Tony Stark! Or even Thor!

Prepare to be surprised...

The Deadliest Characters In The Marvel Universe

The guys over at MorphSuit even arranged the kills in order of alignment. So green stands for hero, red is villain and blue is neutral:

And to round it off, the not so surprising trio of Punisher, Deadpool and Wolverine have sullied their outfits with the blood of their enemies a whopping combined 116 times!

These characters have definitely killed more characters during their tenures, so I'm guessing these numbers reflect the number of super-people they've slain, because Captain America did fight in a war, and Mr. Sinister was involved in the genocide of the Morlocks.

But nevertheless, this was a great infographic and it's definitely going to be a powerful weapon to whip out during water-cooler discussions.

(Source: Morph Costumes)


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