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With much of the attention in recent weeks having been given over to the aftermath of Avengers: Age of Ultron, along with the inevitable excitement associated with Jared Leto's Suicide Squad-starring Joker, we've not heard quite as much from the set of Bryan Singer's forthcoming X-Men: Apocalypse as you might expect.

After all, the movie looks set to bring pretty much every comic book mutant you could possibly imagine to the big screen, which for anyone who grew up loving the X-Men is essentially the equivalent of someone making a brand new Star Wars movie with Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher.


We have, of course, seen a few scattered glimpses of the cast, as well as one or two hinted details from director Bryan Singer on social media - but there're a few key details we're still missing. Our first look at Apocalypse, for instance - though we'll likely have a long wait for that one - along with any kind of confirmation of just how much we'll see of our new (and returning heroes).

One major element that we do now have our first hint at, though, is just what those heroes will be wearing throughout proceedings. Y'see:

We Have Our First Look at What Cyclops and Jean Grey's Costumes

And it's nothing like that.
And it's nothing like that.

Or rather, we've caught a glimpse - in the latest issue of Empire Magazine - of the pair's costumes, at a distance, in some suitably epic concept art:

The most intriguing part? If the artwork proves to be indicative of what we'll see in the final movie - and its presence in the eminently studio-friendly Empire suggests it may well be - then we're set to see a noticeably different set of costumes for our heroes than we were perhaps expecting.

Crucially, they look set to be a blend of the current comic-book All-New X-Men's bright, colorful outfits...

...Grant Morrison-era New X-Men's love-em-or-hate-em yellow jackets...

...a touch of what's come before in X-Men: First Class...

...And, noticeably, very little of the original movies' leather look:

Of course, the costumes could well have changed completely in the final film - but in the meantime, it's intriguing to note that Singer and Co. have gone for a distinctly comic book inspired look for the outfits, at least in pre-production...

Could we be set to see the most comic book faithful X-Men movie yet?

What do you reckon?



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