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There's been a lot of noise surrounding the supposed production woes plaguing this year's Fantastic Four reboot, much of it centered around the alleged unruly behavior of director Josh Trank.

Despite being a relative newcomer to the film industry, Trank has found himself involved in no shortage of controversy, with allegations ranging from the $100,000 worth of damages he racked up on his studio rented home, to his general incommunicativeness with the cast and crew.

Trank also grabbed headlines earlier in the year when he was reportedly fired from a Star Wars standalone project because of his divisive working methods, although he himself claimed this to be a personal decision.

Trank Given the Boot...again?

Josh Trank
Josh Trank

But now these accusations have become much more severe, with Superhero News claiming that his own movie is currently being wrestled away from him!

Rumors have emerged suggesting that Fantastic Four's reshoots - intended to improve the movie's narrative cohesion - were in fact directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kingsman: The Secret Service, Kick-Ass), meaning Trank could be getting sidelined and is quite possibly losing creative autonomy.

Vaughn was previously brought in to resurrect the dormant X-Men franchise, doing an excellent job on First Class, so it would make sense that he'd be Fox's go-to damage control man.

The same news source also claimed that the studio:

axed the 3D release in favor of utilizing that budget for additional reshoots to help improve the story.

It's shocking that these last minute reshoots are happening so late in the first place, with the movie (currently) slated for a August 7, 2015 release.

Trank Gets Frank

Despite the rumors, the director himself took to Twitter to clear things up and assure fans that Fantastic Four is still - and always was - his movie:

So, hopefully those alarming reshoot rumors really were just rumors.

In any case, I'll be reserving my judgement of the finished film when I've seen it. Catch Trank's dark and gritty Fantastic Four reboot on August 7, 2015.

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