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French digital artist Sylvian Sarrailh has taken the Internet by storm in completely distorting our perceptions of our favorite animations. While we can still recognize each of the characters, this is nothing like what we have ever seen before.

For many of you, the following images are simply the stuff of nightmares.

Take a look at the 14 iconic characters below and wonder: Is this what animation hell would be like?

1. Pikachu

I doubt you would be able to get this rabid Pikachu in your PokeBall easily.

2. Duck Tales

Masked villains always freak me out.

3. Wall-E

I'm sure this menacing version of Wall-E and Eve wouldn't be that bothered about making Earth habitable again.

4. Beetlejuice

Getting caught in this zombie apocalypse would certainly be my idea of hell.

5. Southpark

These grown-up versions of Stan, Kenny, Kyle and Cartman would definitely steal all of your belongings in a dark alleyway.

6. Alf

Just imagine if this happened to you...

7. Sailor Moon

Does this Sailor Moon also twerk, do you think?

8. Alice in Wonderland

A psychedelic nightmare.

9. Rugrats

Absolutely not.

10. The Smurfs

Here is a Smurf dictator's army getting ready to take over your reality.

11. Tangled

Rapunzel reminds me a little of the girl from The Ring don't you think. Re-watch the trailer here:

12. Hello Kitty

Not so cute now, right?

13. Frozen

This is definitely one Snow Queen we wouldn't like to cross paths with. She certainly wouldn't 'Let It Go' or let YOU go:

14. Winnie the Pooh

Beware, this Pooh would rip you to shreds.

See more from the artist here.



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