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I have always promised myself I would never play around with a ouija board, let alone be in the same room should a person even think of taking theirs out.

I would rather be safe than sorry. No need to open some portal that would allow malicious spirits to float around me with the intent to harm. That's just asking for trouble.

This is why I won't be participating in the CharlieCharlieChallenge. I'm not too sure he possesses the answers to my complicated quarter-life crisis questions anyway.


Based of the ouija board, as well as an ancient Mexican tradition, kids are calling upon the entity known as Charlie to answer Algebra homework questions, find out if Jason is totally crushing or not, or help figure out what outfit to wear to the next school dance.

All you need is a piece of paper with two "yeses" and two "noes" and two pencils. And Charlie is sure to make a startling appearance. Check out an example below:

Burning with some yes or no questions? Charlie might just have the answers. But how would you really know if you've made a connection with Charlie or some other evil spirit on the other side?

Can We Stop?

One piece of advice. When finished playing with Charlie, make sure you say "goodbye Charlie," as you risk the possibility of letting other sinister entities in.

Don't just run away, like the guy in this video! Close the portal and say "goodbye" or even an "adiós" if you're trying to brush up on your Spanish.

Should You Try It?

Judging by the cheap and simple set up, the Charlie Game is incredibly doable. But beware of letting some unwanted destructive demons into your comfortable and protected life.

You don't want to mess with this spirit world. Which is why I'll be skipping out on this just to be on the safe side.

And you definitely don't repeat this man's fatal mistake:

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