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The Internet and Harry Potter go together better than peanut butter and jelly, Fred and George, or Peter Pettigrew and adult diapers (probably). So where do fans of the Harry Potter franchise choose to express their love on this vast plain of online land? Tumblr, of course!

While I feel like I've seen most of the popular Harry Potter Tumblr threads out there, here are a few from Imgur that I had never seen before!

1. When they pointed out how different Harry Potter could have been.

More like Petyr BAE-lish, am I right? No, I'm not right.

2. When they noticed the parallels between Harry Potter and another famous children's book.

Is there a fan theory for how these two universes are connected yet? If not, someone should definitely get on that. Not me, but someone.

3. When they nailed what the Professors must have been thinking before meeting Fred and George.

I don't think anyone at Hogwarts could have known what to expect from the Weasley twins.

4. When some losses still hurt.

Is it okay to still think about Fred after all these years? Because if not I'm just going to keep doing it anyway.

5. When they handled their grief with a good sense of humor.

I still think Percy deserved to be voted off with that hair.

6. When they realized Voldemort was Bruno Mars' muse.

I mean, they're probably stopping and staring because you're the Dark Lord, but whatever floats Buno Mars' boat!

7. When they revealed Lord Voldemort's real name.

It'd be difficult to get "Mr. Tom, a Dildo Lover" put on business cards without being laughed at.

8. When they pointed out why Harry's house options were just between Gryffindor and Slytherin.

Really though! Your chances of grabbing one mid-air are so much lower than simply picking one up from the ground!

9. And when they realized why Harry kind of deserved to live under the stairs all those years.

Harry please, enunciate. So much of your powers comes from being able to properly pronounce spells. Why is this so difficult for you to understand? Remember what happened to Seamus?

10. When they noticed Helena Bonham Carter mentally plotting her destruction of the world.

I hope she goes after the Kardashians, but that's just me.

11. When they gave the most accurate and concise summary of Harry Potter ever.

Harry yes, indeed! Amazing how quickly seven books can be summed up when you're really trying.

These days, it's hard for me to read the books or watch the movies without thinking about Tumblr posts like these. I will forever think of Tom Marvolo Riddle as Mr. Tom, a Dildo Lover.

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