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I'm kind of glad I am passed the age where my friends will dare me to spend even a short amount of time in places that are considered to be haunted. And for that I am very grateful, because when I read about haunted places like the ones coming up in this article it makes me want to get as far away from them as humanly possible!

Steeped in tragic histories and tales of great loss and sadness, all these places share one thing in common. They are plagued by the ghosts and spirits of the people that were persecuted and horrifically treated by others, and are now in a limbo between this world and the next, unable to accept their gruesome fates.

8. Hampton Lillibridge House

Don't make the mistake of thinking that this is just your average house. Because this place on East Saint Julian Street happens to be the most haunted house in Savannah, Georgia.

To say that the house has seen a lot of tragedy would be an understatement. Under the foundation itself, workmen found an ancient crypt, which they quickly covered up after the scary discovery that is thought to be the reason why the house is so susceptible to such tragedy.

A sailor who was staying there was found hung in a third story bedroom. It is also said you can hear gasping and choking noises, thought to be the final breaths of a family that owned the house that were poisoned by their slaves.

A past owner, Jim Williams, had some friends over one night while he was having the house renovated. Enjoying some drinks, they began to hear strange noises from upstairs. They crept up to a room on the third floor to investigate the sounds coming from it. As they walked into the room one of Jim's friends felt an invisible force, pulling him towards an empty chimney shaft at the end of the room, dragging him by his clothes. He quickly dropped to the floor, and only this stopped him from being flung down the open hole to his certain death.

7. Eastern State Penitentiary

This former prison in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was not only famous for housing some of America's most infamous criminals such as Al Capone and bank robber Willie Sutton, it was well known for its harsh punishment and gross mistreatment of its inmates.

solitary confinement cell
solitary confinement cell

Built in 1829, this institution was the first to introduce solitary confinement for unruly prisoners, calling it the "Pennsylvania System." Prisoners were sent to solitary confinement and left totally alone. They ate alone, sat alone in their cells, and exercised alone. When they were moved from their cell they even had a black hood over their heads to avoid them interacting with others.

Obviously, due to these harsh punishments, many of the prisoners became insane, and in 1913 the Pennsylvania System was stopped for the mental safety of the prisoners.

Due to the depraved living conditions and squalor, this has lead many to believe that this is why there is so much negative paranormal activity going on at the prison. Inmates and guards alike have reported ghostly goings on since as early as the 1940s, but since it was abandoned in 1971, paranormal experiences continue to be more and more frequent.

The Eastern Stage Ghost?
The Eastern Stage Ghost?

Visitors to the prison have seen shadowy figures roaming the halls that seem to turn away when you get too close, and shadowy figures sliding down walls in cellblock 6. A ghostly figure has been seen in the guard tower and an evil laughter echoes through the halls of cellblock 12, with ghostly faces appearing to people in cellblock 4. Unexplained footsteps, whispering and mumbling and the loud banging of cell doors for no known reason have also been reported.

6. Bannf Springs Hotel

Tucked away in the picturesque surroundings of Alberta Canada, this incredible hotel was built over 125 years ago by Canadian Pacific Railway as a luxurious stop over haven for high class train travelers.

Despite it's amazing beauty and incredible views, it is also said to be one of the most haunted buildings in Canada, so a great vacation destination for ghost lovers, sadly not for those who don't.

Guests have seen the ghostly apparition of a bride traveling down the main staircase. Tragically, the bride died on her wedding day after a candle set her bridal gown on fire, she then fell to her death onto the marble floor below as she frantically tried to put out the flames. She has also been seen, dancing alone in the ballroom, with flames visible on the back of her dress.

A gruesome family murder took place in room 873 where a whole family was slaughtered. The hotel now has a room 872 and 874, but no room 873. Guests have noticed there is a faint outline of what must have been the door to the room, which has now been covered up.

Management made the decision to brick up the door due to people spotting ghosts wandering around near the room. Cleaners also said that the fingerprints of the little girl of the murdered family were on a mirror, and no matter how many times it was cleaned, the fingerprints always returned.

Sam as a young man
Sam as a young man

Sam McCauley was a former bellboy who worked for most of his life in the hotel. He often told people he would return to it after he died. After the management forced him into retirement, he went home that night and passed away, he never even collected his final paycheck.

His ghost has been spotted many times. He likes to help guests up to their rooms, dressed in his '60s uniform, often turning on lights and opening locked doors. If you try and make conversation or tip Sam, he vanishes.

5. The House Of Death

It is fair to say that this house has seen it's share of tragedy, with murder, violence and suicide all taking place under it's roof since the start of the 20th Century, in Greenwich Village, New York City.

Plaque found at the front of the house
Plaque found at the front of the house

Famous author Mark Twain once lived there, and many people have seen his ghost meandering around the house, especially around the staircase. Dark rumors of a brutal murder suicide at the turn of the 20th century loom over the property, as well as the killing of 6-year-old Lisa Steinberg, who was murdered in the home by her illegally adopted father Joel Steinberg.

Lisa Steinberg
Lisa Steinberg

Once a highly respected criminal lawyer, Joel reportedly hit his daughter in the head for 'staring at him.' He and his partner then didn't phone for an ambulance but smoked cocaine instead. The little girl died from her injuries.

Joel Steinberg
Joel Steinberg

A tenant in the 1960s, actress and poet Jan Byrant Bartell began experiencing some chilling things. The feelings of ice cold hands on the back of her neck, footsteps that seemed to follow her wherever she went in the house, and a putrid smell like something had died. Her dogs would growl at an empty chair for hours at a time, then one of her dogs died, just dropped down dead.

Summoning a medium to help only perpetuated the problem. The medium went into a deep trance and began to talk wildly of dead bodies buried under the house, a young girl and an aborted baby. Then she began to scream "I WILL NEVER LEAVE," and explained that she was the wife of a young man who was killed in the Civil War and she must wait there for him.

Jan quickly moved out. She herself suffered tragically, and she took her own life several years later. Did the curse of the house plague her?

4. Queen Mary Hotel

The Queen Mary Hotel is a former ocean liner that sailed primarily in the North Atlantic during the 1930s to 1960s. Since the 1970s the liner has been run as a hotel in Long Beach, California. Old and steeped in history, it's no wonder the Queen Mary is regarded as one of America's most haunted hotels.

There were two separate drowning accidents in the First Class Swimming Pool, with two women drowning in the 1930s and 1960s, and it's known to be an area that has a heavy ghostly presence.

ghostly shadows near the first class swimming pool
ghostly shadows near the first class swimming pool

The figure of a woman in white has been seen in the Queen’s Salon. There have been sightings of a gentleman in a formal 1930s suit in the First Class suites.

The ghosts of two children have been seen running around and laughing near the storage room, and the ghost of a young woman has been seen walking through the Tourist Class Swimming Pool.

Scary face next to tourist vacationing on the ship
Scary face next to tourist vacationing on the ship

In Cabin B340 there have also been a lot of paranormal reports, but it's now not open for rental by the public. Could it be because of all the spooky goings on?

3. Ostrich Inn

This quintessential 12th Century English Public House now serves food to hungry visitors to the sleepy town of Colnbrook. It's past however, wasn't so quaint.

The homely looking building was once a welcome place to stay for weary travelers trying to get to England's capital of London. But landlord John Jarman didn't want his visitors to have a good night's rest, quite the opposite. He wanted to murder the wealthy guests and steal their belongings.

The wealthiest guests would be placed in rooms directly above the kitchen. The guests, so exhausted from their travels, might not have noticed that the beds were nailed to the floor, or that the temperature of the room would go up and up.

An unsuspecting guest
An unsuspecting guest

Once satisfied his guests were in a deep sleep, John would pull a lever that made the floor open, the bed would tip the guest down a trapdoor; screaming, they would land in a huge cauldron full of boiling water, boiling them alive.

Legend has it he killed over 60 victims with this horrific method of murder, along with the help of his own wife!

Boiling all the flesh from the bones, he then stacked the skeletal remains in his cellar. Now a ladies' bathroom, women who venture in there feel an ice cold draft of wind.

Sudden noises, lights flicking on and off, and machinery starting all by itself are just a few things that go bump in the night after landlord John's reign of terror.

2. Byberry Mental Asylum

Founded in 1907, the Philadelphia State Hospital was a breeding ground for patient maltreatment. Vastly overcrowded and understaffed, the hospital housed everyone from the severely mentally ill to the criminally insane.

Closed and abandoned in 1990 due to it's disgusting interior and it's appalling reputation, it soon became a favorite haunt of local vandals, arsonists, drug users and Satanists.

Human excrement lined the hallways, which were also where many patients slept. The staff abused their power and physically and mentally exploited and harassed patients.

One patient had a tooth pulled without Novocaine, while another killed and dismembered a female patient. Although the killer, Charles Gable, was never found, the victim’s body was found strewn across the property. Her teeth were found being played with by another patient.

tunnels under Byberry
tunnels under Byberry

Urban explorers discovered an extensive amount of underground tunnels joining the hospital buildings together.

Ghostly shadows have been seen, and legend has it that a man wielding a chainsaw has been spotted, only to disappear with no warning.

1. 29 Hanbury Street

Known as the first story to cause a media frenzy around the world due to the depravity of the crimes, 29 Hanbury Street was the scene for the second of the infamous Jack The Ripper's savage murders.

Found on September 8, 1888, with her head nearly severed and her uterus cut out of her abdomen, Annie Chapman was lying at the back of the property with her head near the back steps.

Where Annie Chapman was found
Where Annie Chapman was found

Annie can be seen on the anniversary of her death directly on the spot she was murdered, and at precisely 6 AM a cold wind shoots through the building.

6 AM was the time she took her last breath after being severely mutilated by the barbaric serial killer.


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