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"HAHAHA." We've all gotten that text before... the one that you look at and have to figure out what prompted it:

  • Was what I said really that funny?
  • Is this person laughing WITH... or AT me?
  • Why not just a standard "haha"?
  • I feel like an "lol" could've worked here...
  • Is this person yelling at me? Is their caps lock broken?
  • Etc.

Well, if you're The Joker in Suicide Squad you have more than just a little bit of comedic spirit. If somehow you have not been near a device connected to the Internet for the past month, you may not have seen The Joker and his tattoos. They are real and here to stay!

To me, the tattoos were/are awesome. Many people don't feel the same way, though. In fact, specifically, a lot of people were very against the HAHA's. I enjoyed the HAHA's the most of the entire thing! Goes to show what kind of taste I have in tattoos - also makes sense, since I don't have any.

Well, the HAHA theme is back, as you can see below with the new images of Joker's car. It looks like he got himself a vanity license plate with... you guessed it - 'HAHAHA' as the letter combo!

Awesome or overdone?

If you only see this as a minor detail, think again. The fact that the Joker is tatted up... and now his car is so outrageous... shows there's a chance that they went a little too wacky here! I think DC has a lot riding on this movie, and the more gimmicky it comes across, the worse it will do.

Also, this might be me being a little nit-picky, but would the Joker actually have a license plate? Doesn't it seem like he'd be too badass for that? At what point was he at the DMV, lining up to take his picture... etc? Does the man have a license? I don't know why that bothers me so much...

What do you think?

(Via: Dorkly)


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