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For those who saw the episode 7 of game of thrones , you saw Cersei on jail right?Because her cousin the one little shit soldier of Faith told them about her brother/"husband" and their little secret. And of course Jaime Lanister how is with his friend at Dorne where they will propably stay there for looong time. For the end is Tyrion one of the most nice characters in all the show who is some kind of Khaleesi's prisoner.

And of course Maester Aemon who died and Castle Black has no more a maester who was unfortunately great friend with SAM ,plus Jon Snow who left with Tormunt who was also a great friend with SAM , so Sam have no more friends there(i'm waitting to die or somethink no one likes him at the Castle) .When the winter comes for how long the Castle Black will survive ??But ok thats something that will find out sooner or later

Somethink else, we all saw that Stannis Baratheon is not properly prepared to fight against Bolton's Winterfell so i believe that he propably lose there and the Boltons will keep Winterfell.And just like that Baratheon is out of the game.

And what about the beautiful Khaleesi? Is she strong enough to sail to King's Landing? i believe that she has more serious problems for now than to be a Queen (something that i wanted to see)

If you noticed every big House mostly is being destroyed except one the half House of Starks .Because Starks may lost Ned,Cat and Robb but think that Jon,Sansa,Arya,Brandon and Rickon are still there to take revenge for everything and sit at least on the Iron Throne


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