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Anything superhero or TV related are my aesthetics.

Widely known for it's TV shows, such as "Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, and The Flash", the network, "The CW" is home to many, MANY favorite TV series. But...I guess you could give it a completely different name. How about... 'Home of the Superheroes'? Oh, yes.

If we throw it back to 2001, the first superhero show on The CW, 'Smallville', was produced, and ended in 2011. The next year, Arrow made it's debut on the same network, which has become a hit! 2 years afterwards..came, my favorite, 'The Flash', and now? We have 'DC's Legends Of Tomorrow'. Is The CW the ULTIMATE Super-hero-mega-network or what?!

The video below is a mashup of all the superhero TV series from The CW, that I, myself have made. Not only do I hope you really enjoy this, I hope that this motivates you into watching these shows, if you don't already!


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