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For those who do not know what Epic Rap Battles of History is, well let me tell you.

Epic Rap Battles of History is a YouTube series that pits historical figures and fictional characters in a all out rap battle to determine who is better. The creators and main stars of the show consists of the YouTube duo of Peter Shukoff (Nice Peter) and Lloyd Ahlquist (EPIC LLoyd). Over the course of five years, the original YouTube channel nice peter (for season 1) and the ERB channel (seasons 2-4) has over two billion views, garnered mainstream attention and to be bluntly honest and ironic-is a part of culture and history.

This article is to highlight in my opinion, five underrated rap battles out of the 52 and counting. This list is not by importance or to determine which is the best rap battle. It is just to tell why these battles are underrated.

Before reading this awesome article please note that this article and the videos shown contains explicit language. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED! Enjoy!

1). John Lennon Vs Bill O Reilly - (ERB Season 1)

I am going to start with the battle that started it all. On September 26, 2010, John Lennon- activist and member of the Beatles faced political analyst Bill O' Reilly in a all out rap battle. Two polar opposites spitting rhymes to see who's better.

WHY IS THIS UNDERRATED: This battle led to the events of this great series. Without this battle there would be no Epic Rap Battles of History.


Lennon to Reilly: "You're making my ears bleed, you need a muzzle"

Reily to Lennon: "You f#@ing long hair, living in your Yellow Submarine, Well you're about to get sunk by the right wing political machine."

2). Sir Issac Newton Vs Bill Nye the Science Guy - (ERB Season 3)

Two brilliant minds duking it out for scientific supremacy in this rap battle as it pits Sir Issac Newton (played by Weird Al Yankovic!) against the 90's PBS-famed scientist Bill Nye the Science Guy.

WHY IS THIS UNDERRATED: First off, Weird Al Yankovic- Awesome. Second, both scientists point out the other one flaws in a owned and somewhat educational way. Plus at the end there is a surprise guest of cosmos proportions.


Newton to Nye: "You waste time debating creationists, while I create the science you explain to kids,"

Nye to Newton: "You wrote the book on gravity, but you couldn't attract no body."

??? to Newton: "As in I put the swag back in science,while Isaac Newton was lying and sticking daggers in Leibniz and hiding up inside his attic on some Harry Potter business."

3). Adam Vs Eve- (ERB Season 2)

The age old question is who would win a rap battle between Adam & Eve? Youtuber Jenna Marbles steps in to face Lloyd as it is man vs woman in this rap battle of the sexes.

WHY IS THIS UNDERRATED: This is one of the more unique battles because it is treated as a cross between a couple's vulgar argument and a melodramatic love story.


Eve to Adam: "I made a map [email protected]$%er and I'm reading it too, Gives me specific directions how to f#$k with you"

Adam to Eve: "You got a lotion for this? Got a cream for that?Got any perfume that smells like get the f#% off my back?"

4). Bonnie and Clyde VS Romeo and Juliet- (ERB Season 4)

Four Words: Tag Team Rap Battle.

Youtubers Hanna Hart and Grace Helbig join aside Lloyd and Peter in this battle of the insane and somewhat confused couples.

WHY IS THIS UNDERRATED: The correlations between these two groups is parallel.

Both Couples:

  • Are lovers
  • Did things against everyone's own wishes.
  • Had families against them dating
  • Were killed.

Also you should stay to the end because the ending is really clever to anyone who has read Romeo & Juliet or studied Bonnie & Clyde.


Clyde to Romeo: "Oh! Romeo, O Romeo, wherefore you tryin' to flow yo? Mofo, you soft as a fro-yo.

Bonnie to Juilet: "I'll take this broad from behind And pop a cap in the ass of the last Capulet heiress. Give Miss No Nights In Paris a reason to cry to her parents."

Juilet to Bonnie & Clyde : "You're not a true romance, you're just a conjugal visit."

Romeo( looking at Juilet) to Bonnie & Clyde: "My love, your face is beauty to behold I will protect thine honor from these dust bowl dildos."

5). Artists vs TMNT ERB- (Season 3 Finale)

My bet is on Michelangelo,Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael to win. Its artists vs turtles in one of the most strangest and fitting battles in ERB history.

WHY IS THIS UNDERRATED: Smosh and Rhett and Link are together in the same video.The references in this battle is amazing for TMNT and history buffs. Plus the TMNT suits look better then in the original TMNT movies and 100 times better than the Michael bay remake.(p.s- there is a rap battle with a Michael bay cameo and p.s.s.- it needs more explosions)


Leonardo Di Vinci to TMNT: "You wouldn't know genius if it pissed in your sewer"

Donatello di Niccolò to TMNT: "Hard shell, but you're gross in the middle.Wouldn't wanna touch you with a six-foot chisel."

Raphael Sanzio da Urbino to TMNT: "Yo, Raphael, and I came to flow.Deemed dope by the Pope and I boned til I croaked".

Michelangelo Buonarroti to TMNT: "I made David, but I'll slay you like Goliath!"

Donatello (Turtle) to Donatello: "Uh, Dona-tell me who you are again dude? Cause I don't Gattamelata clue what you do?"

TMNT to Artists: "Go ahead and hate cause we'll just skate on by You guys draw more d$%ks than New York Pride."

There you have it, in my opinion here are five underrated rap battles from Epic Rap Battles of History. All of these lyrics come from ERB and are taken from On the ERB genius page, there are detail explanations and additional meanings of the lyrics. LINK HERE:

To see more of their videos click here:

SIDE NOTE: To my followers and viewers, I wanted to tell you that I am working on two massive articles that will be coming out in the coming weeks.


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