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Disney ride meets George Clooney: Disappointing yet fun…

Okay, let’s be honest. Disney movie, based on ride, you were expecting something as awesome, as “The Pirates of The Caribbean” someone as crazy as Cap’n Jack Sparrow. But does Tomorrowland live up to those expectations?

You think you can beat this guy?
You think you can beat this guy?

I was “over-flowing” with expectations! Well after all it was a Disney movie with George Clooney and Hugh Laurie, immortalized, as Gregory House. And when I realised that the man behind the camera was director of the phenomenal “The Incredibles”, I was looking forward to the same amount of humor and exhilaration present in that animated masterpiece, something similar to what the little boy expresses when he realizes he can run on water.

Nothing remotely close occurs in “Tomorrowland”, a film that suffers from having too big a budget and hardly any original or exciting thoughts. It is also hindered by the fact that almost all of the actors appear clueless and not quite matching their characters.

There’s something about George Clooney being George Clooney which makes him a hit, but picturing him as former boy genius? It just doesn’t feel right. Britt Robertson is pretty to look at but other than that she does nothing much of note. Her acting for the most part feels forced. Hugh Laurie unfortunately is “underused” (that may be a good thing, that last thing I want is to see Hugh Laurie do something bad).

Coming to the movie itself, the premise is interesting but movie runs too long. It’s somewhere between an all out sci-fi fantasy and a Walt Disney World ride promo. Brad Bird tries his best to take control of the story and get his vision realised on-screen but the non-linear narrative lets it down. There is plenty in Tommorowland to enjoy but you end up wanting more and ultimately disappointed.

What Tommorowland does succeed at is sending out its so-called environmental message in a fun-filled way. There is plenty for kids to enjoy and the younger audience will not come out disappointed. The visual effects are top-notch. Better writing and acting may have made Tommorowland a much better movie but then again its meant to be experienced like it is, flawed yet enjoyable. And if you went in hoping for a serious (even a little bit) masterpiece then my dear friend something’s not quite right ’bout you.

If you have nothing else to do then just go out and see Tommorowland ’cause even if you’re disappointed it won’t be a waste of your time.

Let's stick to the ride...
Let's stick to the ride...

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