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I’ve got my shovel and I’m about to dig in, so stay with me because I think there’s some serious juice here.

Fantastic Four, specifically Reed Richards, has been a pivotal character in most of the major villains threatening Earth but he’s not at Marvel’s disposal. Why is Mr. Fantastic so crucial? Well, he’s a genius. He comes up with solutions no one else could think of, creates things very few people could conceive. Who can replace Mr. Fantastic in the MCU in these regards? The answer to that is Amadeus Cho. He is a kid genius, the 7th smartest person on the planet to be specific. If you were to team him up with Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, then there'd be nothing they wouldn't be able to do.

Very few fans may have connected the female doctor working for Tony Stark, Helen Cho, to the popular Amadeus Cho, however, Helen Cho is the mother of Amadeus. There were a few choices to have a smart doctor who could perform similar tasks to the ones that she did in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but I think this was a strategic move to introduce the bigger character.

If Amadeus Cho doesn’t make his way to the MCU soon, it really doesn’t make much sense as to why they used Helen Cho in the film.

So, let’s say I am right, and Amadeus is coming, what does that mean, and who is Amadeus? Amadeus, also known as Mastermind Excello and Prince of Power, is a super-genius with ties to Hercules! I know, I know, Hercules… I am not so sure how well a MARVEL Hercules will translate to the MCU, as we’ve recently had several different takes on the name. Hercules, in the world of comics, is like Thor. Thor is a god character from Asgard, son of another god character, Odin, and Hercules is a god character from Olympus, son of Zeus, another god character. If Asgard worked out as a place away yet connected from Earth, perhaps the same could be done with Hercules. I do think this would take more time than Marvel currently has, especially in their storytelling of Thanos and his quest for the Infinity Stones.

Amadeus Cho first appeared in 2006, in Amazing Fantasy #15 volume and this would make him Marvel’s most modern character if introduced into the MCU. This book has already grown 50% due to the speculation. Maria Hill bites his heel, coming into print in 2005 (New Avengers #4).

If the MCU moves to set up a potential World War Hulk story, they’ll need to create an Illuminati, a group of Marvel’s elite minds, who banish Hulk from Earth. Amadeus Cho could also supplement one of the missing members. Marvel would be missing Reed Richards, Professor Xavier, and have yet to introduce Namor. There are so many solid reasons to bring in Amadeus Cho, and so it would be a wise consideration to pick up a high grade copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 Vol 2 if you’re interested in investing or collecting first appearances of potential Marvel Cinematic Universe characters!

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Marvel's Amadeus Cho and his friend Hercules
Marvel's Amadeus Cho and his friend Hercules

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