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Inhumans is coming, and feels weird that they’re currently last in line, at the end of the announced Marvel films to be released in 2019. Thanos by then will either be dead or will have sent himself into isolation after becoming bored with the idea of dominating the universe. So, this will likely mark the first movie after Thanos, and we’ll get to see a fresh film about a group of characters without a necessity to tie the film together with another one. There is something refreshing about that.

I think there are at least 2 mega-obvious appearances in Black Bolt and Medusa. Black Bolt is the leader, actually, the King of The Inhumans. Medusa is his wife, the Queen of the Inhumans. What we know so far is that the Marvel people attached to this project have compared the Inhumans story to that of Game of Thrones. That’s intriguing to me. I love Game of Thrones, and I love Marvel, and together, their baby may just be the Inhumans.

The story is said to surround this royal family of Inhumans, King, Queen, and everything beneath.

Maximus is the brother of Black Bolt and has similarities between the relationship Marvel audiences have seen in Thor and Loki. I think there is a huge market for Maximus taking a similar Loki-type role. I think Maximus will be a constant presence in the Inhumans story. I have him as my second most anticipated Inhuman, behind his brother Black Bolt.

The right hand man for Black Bolt, his personal body guard and a powerful leader of the Inhumans. Gorgon’s most identifying trait are his hooves. The Inhumans generally gain their abilities via the Terrigen Mist, which gives a random ability and sometimes changes one’s appearance, this happened to Gorgon. His hooves give him the ability to makes quakes under his feet. The Terrigen Mist is a source of power, a vapor used by Inhumans to transform and mutate themselves into greater beings. That’s the simplest way I’ll explain it here. Gorgon is my 3rd most anticipated Inhuman character.

While Medusa is a key character, I actually know very little about her through my reading experiences. I know she’s spent much time as the leader of the Inhumans herself, and communicates for Black Bolt, who if he spoke, would likely cause death to those around him.

After Gorgon I don’t have any specific order of those I want to see. Triton, Crystal, Medusa, Karnak, Ahura, Luna, Jolen, Alaris, Nahrees, San, Tonaja, and yes, even Lockjaw the alien and magical bulldog… I am most nervous about Lockjaw though. As a fan I want to see him, but as a Marvel apologist I am nervous for how well received he’ll be. I don’t like any hiccups in Marvel films, as I want the popularity of the giant to continue to grow and bring more and more films each year. If reasons are given to people to start avoiding Marvel films, I’ll be greatly saddened. There are things I will stand firm on though, that’s canon. I don’t like writers to re-create or change what exists to fit what’s popular or acceptable in our culture. I don’t want to see any characters sacrificed on an alter for the sake of non-Marvel fans buying movie tickets.

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Marvel's Inhumans
Marvel's Inhumans

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