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We got our first look at Crossbones and has already wrapped up filming for his role. Crossbones is one of Cap’s main villains in Captain America: Civil War, and while I don’t hate the costume, I am not loving it either. I'm just going to have to wait and see the final product and how he's used. Hopefully he’ll be armed to the teeth, he sure has intimidating fists. I’ve been nervous for Crossbones in the MCU, I wasn’t crazy about him in Captain America: Winter Soldier, but hopefully he gets me interested.

One of my favorite Marvel villains so far, is Winter Soldier. His high tech weapons and endless rain of bullets and explosions made for an extremely fun experience. He was also a bit deep as a character with the added mystery surrounding his identity and how he became who he is. I think Crossbones will likely not have many of those elements, instead will probably be a one dimensional action villain.

The likely key to Crossbones is to be used as a pawn by Baron Helmut Zemo and Hydra. I am not too sure Hydra will be taking the credit for any attacks in Civil War, but don’t be fooled as to who Zemo leads. I think Baron Helmut Zemo will use Crossbones to kill Cap, and then avenge Cap at the same time by surprisingly killing Crossbones himself. Zemo later creates a team of super villains called the Thunderbolts, who do their best to convince the world they’re actually heroes, who replace the dispersed Avengers. It really is perfect. The only issue I have with these ideas is the path Marvel is on with Thanos and I am wondering just how much of the Civil War from the comic book series will be abandoned for the benefit of the Thanos story arc.

It makes sense that a major character has to die. Who will that character be? In the Civil War comic series one of the first major deaths is that of Goliath. Eventually Cap is killed after his surrender to Tony Stark’s Iron Man after realizing the people he swore to serve, the citizens of the United States of America, were in majority favor of the Iron Man-led Registration Act. So, we can assume someone as insignificant as Goliath or someone as essential as Captain America will die. We know Marvel recently filmed a funeral scene for the film. Cap in comics had a complex death, he didn’t really die, instead he was treated the same as we saw happen to Nick Fury in Winter Soldier, a heart rate slowed and confidentially saved his life. I don’t think showing Nick Fury go through that was a coincidence.

Possible deaths for Captain America: Civil War? Most obvious is Crossbones. I don’t see Crossbones surviving to the end of the film. We have also been hearing rumors about Marvel killing off a major character and we also are aware that Captain America does die in the comic series at the hands of Crossbones.

So who else could die if not Captain America? Iron Man is the face of the franchise, responsible for the majority of Marvel's movie popularity, he'll live. Falcon is possible but I’d hate to see him be introduced in the previous film, get a few moments of action and then die in his next outing. We are barely tapping into who Sam Wilson’s Falcon is. I think Sam Wilson is safe. What about James Rhodes as War Machine? Well, there’s a similar issue with him as we have with Falcon. We haven’t seen justice given to War Machine yet, he seems to find a cameo in a few Marvel flicks with glimpses of action. I also don’t think we have seen the relationship portrayed correct between Tony Stark and James Rhodes to the point of significant impact with his death. Marvel will try and wreck the audience with a death.

Vision and Scarlet Witch have to be safe having less than 15 minutes of total screen time so far. Why waste time considering if Hulk will or can die? Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson another fan favorite, with rumors of getting her own spin off makes he think she will stay alive. If she died, how and who would that hurt most? It sure won’t hurt Americans during this Civil War. It will cause a quake within the Avengers team but I don’t think it would have the desired impact. Hawkeye is a choice for death, but having JUST shown his family, that would be terrible. I think at some point we’ll see a child take over their father’s super-hero identity, I just think that’s less likely with Hawkeye. Hypothetically though, if he did die, that would leave things open for Young Avengers character Kate Bishop, the female Hawkeye. Sure it would be very sad to see Jeremy Renner fall, but it may cause some of what Marvel would want.

Black Panther… hasn’t even showed up yet… and has his own solo film AFTER Civil War, he’s living through the film. So, I think it’s clearly Captain America who’s to die.

How will Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes be written in the film? If Cap dies, I wonder if we’ll get a scene of a hero picking up or holding his shield. Perhaps Bucky Barnes or Sam Wilson’s Falcon. I favor Falcon, but the obvious choice is Bucky Barnes, having signed on for so many films. Both have taken the mantle of Cap in comics, in issue Captain America #34 volume 5 and in Captain America #25 volume 7.

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