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WARNING!!! Spoilers from Phase 2 movies and Age of Ultron (if you haven't seen it already what are you doing), plus possible spoilers from Civil War ahead

So far the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken more than a couple dramatic twists and turns in their movies. We saw Loki take the throne of Asgard (disguised as Odin) at the end of Thor The Dark World, SHIELD's fall with all hell breaking loose in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and in Age of Ultron we saw Hulk leave somewhere mysterious in the Quinjet, along with the death of Quicksilver. Whether you saw those plot points coming or not, they were major events, and Captain America: Civil War promises to bring a few of those along as well.

Civil War is going to be jam-packed with characters, and be even bigger than Age of Ultron. While that is surprising, it makes sense due to what's going to go down in this movie.

(For those of you who already know about the plot of this movie, feel free to skip this next paragraph)

First let's start off with the basics; Captain America: Civil War is based off a comic book series called Civil War. It pits the Marvel heroes against each other in a giant fight across the world, with Captain America leading one side and Iron Man opposite him on the other. This is a major fight that encompasses everyone, so it makes sense that this movie has an extensive cast (even though all of the characters Marvel doesn't own the rights to aren't in the movie). While we have seen some set-up for this in both Avengers movies, this is going to be big, and in the comics this story line even ends in the death of Captain America. There's a very slim chance he's actually going to face his end in this movie, but who knows what Marvel has planned for the finale of this film. The conflict starts because the governments of the world want to increase their jurisdiction over all super-powered individuals, and make them register their secret identities; this law coined "The Superhuman Registration Act" would force them to work for the government as well. The plot line is probably going to change a little bit in the movie, but the basic concept of government-control will stay the same. While Iron Man is pro-registration, Cap leads the sect of heroes that go against the government. It does seem a little weird at first that Cap is going against government and Iron Man is for it, but if you think it makes sense; Cap stands for freedom (and we've seen his distrust in government from The Winter Soldier), and Tony stands for regulation, especially after the mistake he made in building Ultron.

Here's the official Marvel movie synopsis, so you can compare the two plots:

Captain America: Civil War picks up where Avengers: Age of Ultron left off, as Steve Rogers leads the new team of Avengers in their continued efforts to safeguard humanity. After another international incident involving the Avengers results in collateral damage, political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability and a governing body to determine when to enlist the services of the team. The new status quo fractures the Avengers while they try to protect the world from a new and nefarious villain.

So far we have a list of all the confirmed characters making an appearance, including: Captain America (obviously), Iron Man, Falcon, War Machine, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Vision, the Winter Soldier, Sharon Carter (Agent 13 in The Winter Soldier), Black Panther, Ant-Man, General "Thunderbolt" Ross (from The Hulk), Martin Freeman (rumored to play US diplomat to Wakanda Everett Ross), Crossbones (Brock Rumlow in The Winter Soldier), and to top it off Baron Zemo as the main villain (played by Daniel Bruhl).

It's a lot to take in, and almost any director would be crazy to sign on for a movie like this. However, Marvel's new power-couple, The Russo brothers, are the ones to make it work if anyone can.

People have a lot of confidence in their ability to make this movie work, especially after what they pulled off in The Winter Soldier. Quite honestly, they have a lot of the tools they need to make it be successful as well. It's just a matter of making sure they balance the characters out, and not letting anything get too crazy.

One of the biggest controversies, however, is trying to decipher who will side with who. We do have evidence from the comics, but that doesn't mean things won't change. So, here's my breakdown of who's probably siding with who:


No brainer, definitely siding with Captain America. I mean common, the two are best friends in both the comics and the MCU. He's been working with Cap to find Bucky apparently, and we saw him join the new Avengers team Cap set up at the end of [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035). Both the comics and movies provide strong evidence he's going with Cap.

War Machine

Most likely siding with Iron Man. He and Tony have been friends from the beginning, so like Falcon and Cap they have a pretty good relationship. He wasn't in the Civil War comic book, and he hasn't been in enough movies or had enough time on screen to really stand out as a character. In addition, his military background definitely is a factor as to why he should stand with the government. That's just another reason why I think he'll side with Iron Man, but who knows? Marvel could take his character either way really.


Hawkeye got a lot more interesting as a character in Age of Ultron. We finally got to see him interacting more with the team, and a surprise-bomb dropped when it was revealed he actually has a family. This might play a major role in which side he chooses. Unfortunately, Clint Barton wasn't in the original Civil War comic, so we don't get any hints from the source material; however, looking at Clint's personality and the fact he has a family to protect, I think he'd fit better with Iron Man and the registration act. He's thinking about what's going to be better for the people he cares about, and with the government in control, there's a better chance mistakes like Ultron won't happen again.

Black Widow

Black Widow was last seen training the new group of Avengers alongside Cap, which is just one of the reasons I believe she'll side with Captain America. They've also developed a friendly (not romantic) relationship during their time as SHIELD agents. They've got chemistry together, and despite their differences they get along pretty well now. We also saw her having it out with some government people at the end of The Winter Soldier, and after the fall of SHIELD I think Natasha's done with following government orders. Black Widow is definitely a key player in this, and it would make for an interesting plot story to see her go against her good friend Hawkeye if he chooses Iron Man's side. Overall though, I think it's pretty clear she'll be siding against the government.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch went through a lot in Age of Ultron. Most importantly, she lost her brother Pietro, better known as Quicksilver. This was a direct result of Tony Stark building Ultron, which is just one reason I think she'll side with Captain America. Another big piece of evidence to support her joining Cap is the original incident she went through which made her hate Tony Stark. As explained in the movie, she and Pietro lost their parents during a war and were trapped in a building for hours. They hid under a bed with a bomb right in front of them; It hadn't exploded, but they didn't know when or if it would. One word - "Stark" - was written on the bomb, and it caused them to hold a grudge with Tony for years. Though they decided by the end of Age of Ultron it was worth working with Stark and the Avengers, I doubt she's completely over it. I have serious trouble picturing her siding with Tony regardless her true opinion.


Vision's a tough character to decipher. He's really a wild card in this movie, as he was a borderline hero in Age of Ultron. It took him time to figure out that the Avengers were good and Ultron was evil, and I think it may take time for him to really choose who's right in this movie. Iron man is his creator and he did come from JARVIS, but Cap's the leader of the new Avengers he's a part of, and logically Cap's moral compass has always been more sound than Tony's. Overall though, I think he'll end up siding with Iron Man and the government. It'll make an even more interesting story if he's developed more a relationship with Scarlet Witch, just like in the comics, and they end up on different sides.

The Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier is going to be an intriguing character in this movie. It's been two years since he's seen Cap, and it's going to be interesting to see how he's changed towards the modern world. He's been laying low on the run so no one can find him, and that seems to be what Cap is getting into by going against the government. I have a feeling Bucky is going to play a large role in helping Cap stay underground, and also uncovering their friendship again. Additionally, Sebastian Stan (Bucky/Winter Soldier) is signed on for 6 more Marvel movies after Civil War, which leads many to believe he'll be picking up the shield after Steve Rogers retires. This may make some believe that in this movie, like the comics, Steve actually will die, but that's most likely not the case; Chris Evans announced he still has 2 more movies after Avengers Age of Ultron, and that was before it was announced Infinity War would be a 2 part film. Due to that, I believe it's safe to say the Winter Soldier won't be taking on the Star Spangled uniform just yet. With all this evidence, along with the fact he sided against the government in the comics, I think it's safe to say he's going to stay with Captain America.

Sharon Carter (Agent 13)

The side she chooses has the possibility to make some really awkward encounters between her and Cap. In the comics she had an active relationship with Steve Rodgers, following in the footsteps of her relative Peggy Carter. She didn't have anything real going on with him in The Winter Soldier, but there were hints at a coming relationship; also, Chris Evans has said this movie will explore Steve "having a relationship with a woman." So yes, I think they will have something going on, but that doesn't mean she has to be on his side. Sharon's a government employee (we saw her join the CIA after SHIELD fell in The Winter Soldier), so obviously she's going to be pushed to join their side. Still, I think based off her strong tie to Steve in the comics and the rumors we've heard so far, I think she'll end up staying with Captain America.

Black Panther


The fierce Black Panther, otherwise known as T'Challa, is finally getting his introduction into the MCU, and it's going to be big. There isn't really any better way to be introduce him than in a giant hero-splitting conflict, where the king of Wakanda's backing could be a major help to either side. His country is where the only source of Vibranium is in the world, the virtually indestructible metal Captain America's shield is made of. Who knows if this could actually play into Cap's story line (maybe his shield actually gets broken and he goes to Wakanda to fix it?), or if Black Panther is solely involved in the movie due to his role as the king of his country. Either way, he could be a very influential character in this movie, but ultimately I think he'll side with

Captain America

. Despite the fact he is the leader of a government, and it would seem more logical for him to vouch for more control of other heroes, I feel he'd get along much better with Steve than Tony. Cap and Black Panther are much more similar in terms of their personalities, and I believe they will develop a mutual respect for each other. This will cause T'Challa to join Cap's side, and along with the fact he sided with Cap in the comic book Civil War, I think there's pretty solid evidence he's going against the Superhero Registration Act in this movie as well.


Ant-Man is set to debut in his own solo film in just a few months, which will give us a better idea of what the character is really like; however, from what we've seen of Scott Lang's personality in the Ant-Man trailers, he seems to have the same humorous vibe that made everyone love Tony Stark so much. This is just one reason I think he'll end up siding with Iron Man. Overall I feel they'd get along much better, and with Ant-Man's criminal past he may feel a need to stand with the government for once instead of against it. Though Ant-Man did side with Captain America in the comics, that was Hank Pym in the suit, not Scott Lang. Also, Paul Rudd and Robert Downey Jr. have been spotted together on the set of Civil War, which leads me to believe they've been doing scenes with each other.

Oh...and did I forget to mention one extra-character they get to work with?


After years of audiences hoping and fan-boys salivating at the thought of Spidey joining the MCU, it's finally happening. Peter Parker is set to make his debut in Captain America: Civil War in 2016, followed by his own solo movie appearance in 2017. We haven't seen his character yet on the big screen, but from what we've heard he's going to be VERY different than what we've seen so far. Peter Parker is set to be around 15 years old and in high school during his solo film, so this time around his movie will focus heavily on his interactions with other teens, and what it's like for him at high school. Also, the list on directors Marvel is reportedly looking at for his movie all have backgrounds in comedy, so it seems Spidey will finally have the sense of humor he does in the comics. I really think Marvel is gonna get him right this time (after Guardians of the Galaxy I'm pretty sure they can pull off anything now), and I think his introduction in Civil War is going to be important. He plays a major role in the comic book story line, starting on Iron Man's side and being the first superhero to reveal his secret identity. However, after he is attacked on the way home from school one day, he eventually switches to Cap's side and goes against the government. I think we may see something similar in the movie, with him switching sides; however, I think in the end he'll wind up on Captain America's team. In the comics he really looks up to Captain America as a mentor, and I think that's going to sway him to join his side.

Captain America: Civil War is going to be a big movie in the MCU, and I think it could easily be one of the best. With two amazing directors and a loaded cast (literally and metaphorically), it could really turn out well. I'd like to ask you though, are there any of my predictions that you disagree with? Let me know in the poll below, and feel free to comment any reasons you think I'm wrong.


Which predictions do you disagree with?


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