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Zach Minn

Before Reverse Flash traveled back in time and changed the past Barry got his powers by performing a experiment that gave him his powers. You can look it up on Wikipedia searching the flash. When Reverse Flash was erased from existence it's because of what came before. Barry had his powers still due to that he got them be accident preforming the experiment. Any fan of the show and reads the comics knows this already. This should be the easy answer for all of you who don't read the comics and watch the show and love it. i love the way they put they show together. every week i couldn't wait to watch it. I think in season two, we are going to see ''BIG CHANGES'' due from the singularity that we saw Barry Allan - Flash trying to save the world from. i think the time line is going to be very interesting to see because we do not know if everything will be the same or not. I think we could possibly Jay Garrick . sorry if I spelled that name wrong. Why do i think this??? Well it's quite simple, we saw his helmet. if we were to see him it would be amazing. but one has to think who would play him.


Do you think this was a good clarification for fans of the show who didn't read the comics?


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