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Lifetime premiered Grace of Monaco last night. The film was a French-American Biography about, former, Hollywood star and Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly. Nicole Kidman portrayed Grace decently, although it was painful watching her attempt to show emotions with that Botox injected face of hers. Unfortunately, I have to admit the film was filled with untrue accounts of what actually went down. Here is what bothered me the most:


It was true that Alfred Hitchcock bought the rights to Marnie so he could convince Grace Kelly to return to Hollywood to play the lead, but the film portrays Prince Rainier as being completely against Grace making Marnie. In real life, Rainier actually encouraged her to take the role. He was very supportive of Grace making the movie because he knew how much she loved being an actress. He was excited to rent a house on location in the U.S. and make it a family summer vacation. He thought he could play golf and enjoy himself away from all his cares in Monaco. Grace said it wasn't exactly going to be a vacation for her, with the early morning call times and long hours on the set, but she was happy at the thought of returning to her craft, and thrilled that Rainier was interested in joining her with the children.

Kelly Grace Agreeing To Feature In Marnie Leaks To The Press

One of the major plot points in the movie was that the Palace of Monaco press release was leaked to the media before it was officially announced, which was not true. The Palace actually released an official announcement stating Princess Grace would be making a motion picture with Alfred Hitchcock during her summer vacation. She was due to receive one million dollars for the film, which was unheard of for an actress in those days. She said she would donate the money to charity because she really just wanted to act again.

Speeding Off In Her Car?

The film showed Grace speeding off in her car, nearly hitting someone walking on the road. In real life, Grace actually didn't like driving and when she did drive she was known to be a notoriously slow and careful driver.

The Film Was Fictional

The film begins with the brief statement: "The following film is a fictional account inspired by real events". However, the film then opens with black and white stock footage of Grace Kelly's arrival in Monaco for her wedding to Prince Rainier. This newsreel footage immediately gives the audience the impression that the film is historic.

Overthrow Attempt Actually Happen 7 Years Before The France Crisis

A major plot point of the film centers around an attempted overthrow by Prince Rainier's older sister, Princess Antoinette, and her husband, Jean-Charles Rey. While it was true Princess Antoinette had planned an attempt to depose Prince Rainier in order to put her 6-year-old son, Christian, on the throne, these events happened in 1955 - seven years before the 1962 crisis with France during which the events in the film take place.

Although the film was inaccurate it wasn't a complete disappointment. Nicole Kidman did a pretty decent job portraying Grace Kelly. There isn't much of a resemblance between the two but in some shots I found myself noticing a few similarities. I have to honestly say I wouldn't recommend this film to anyone. It could have been a lot better. I'd give it a 2/5 stars (simply based on Nicole Kidman's portrayal and the supporting cast members).


What did you think of "Grace of Monaco"?


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