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Let's rewind back to 2013 when Man of Steel was released in theaters. Some people enjoyed it, while some didn't. I was among the happy and pleased fans when I stepped out of the theater, although I didn't LOVE it, and I couldn't wait for another DC Film, because, well they were released so rarely. Fast forward to present day, and so much has happened. To make this easier, lets start from the beginning.....

A Sequel to Man of Steel is Announced


This is when I got a little skeptical. Yeah, Man of Steel was enjoyable, but like I said, I didn't exactly LOVE it. There were parts of the movie that I found dumb (Yes, dumb) and even cheesy. I thought that they were rushing into something way too quick, and that Man of Steel II would end in a fiery disaster.

How quickly my thoughts changed

Then, a rumor of Batman showing up in the film swept the internet. Just a rumor, nothing more. I usually ignore these rumors because I like to hear things officially, but then Zack Snyder blew my mind. Not only did he include Batman, but he did something that I've been wanting to see happen for so long.....

Batman and Superman Against Each Other

My Face, I was excited
My Face, I was excited

I was immediately drawn to the sequel. I love Batman and he is one of my all time favorite comic book characters, so seeing him in a movie again was geeking me up big-time. I couldn't wait to hear marble gargling Batman battle Frowny face Superman.

Then I found out Marble Gargling wasn't part of the movie....

Yes readers, I was a Batfleck hater when it was first announced. I hated the whole concept of Ben Affleck being the new Bruce Wayne, especially after the superhero hurricane that was Daredevil. For many long nights I sat and hated at Snyder for ruining the comic book character, until I realized I hadn't even seen how Affleck would be as Batman. I slowly accepted him, I was half and half on him still. Then, Snyder made me rethink the whole movie again.

Wonder Woman and Cyborg

Ummm... Yay?
Ummm... Yay?

I was extremely puzzled, why was Wonder Woman going to be in the movie? What part would she have in this battle? Why was she even being introduced?? That mystery still bothers me, I don't know what Wonder Woman will be doing. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled at her appearance, but confused at why? Cyborg was a different story.

When the new of Cyborg came along, I immediately renamed the movie Justice League. I never really liked Cyborg as a character in the comics, I don't know why. It just didn't appeal to me. Now Cyborg would be in a movie featuring the big three of DC Comics, and it seemed like he was just getting in the way. I later learned that he would have a small part, but still his inclusion is not appealing to me. I just don't like the idea of Cyborg in the movie. On top of that, they were bringing in Ray Fisher, an actor that has never been in a big screen movie!

At this time, my hype level was 5/10



This got me really excited for the movie, Lex Luthor! An overall great villain, I had so many ideas for Luthor in the film. I loved his character in the comics and couldn't wait to get an adaption of him on screen. Even the new of Jesse Eisenburg playing him sounded great to me, because he could be a younger character in the film version, and that was great.

The thing with Batman vs Superman is, it managed to get me excited, and then confused immediately after....


Why DC, WHY???
Why DC, WHY???

My original thought to this was, "Justice League has been confirmed by Zack Snyder." With yet another popular DC character in the film, I was again confused. I liked Aquaman half and half, but this to me was a sign of rushing into something too quickly. Why were there so many heroes in this movie!?!?!

The hype level at this point was 6/10 (Cause Luthor)

Official Images

OK, what could that possibly mean
OK, what could that possibly mean

Snyder only released a few images, but they were a lot to make my hype level sway. Batman concept art made me happy to see that they weren't doing another armored Bat-Suit and they were sticking with the classic look. The Batmobile looked amazing and different, while Wonder Woman's image was pretty great too. Then Lex Luthor has been revealed, and I was "Meh" about it. As a Lex Luthor fan, I could see what they were trying to do, but I couldn't LOVE it until I saw him in action. Then came Aquaman, wow.

The Aquaman picture just didn't sit well with me. He had a totally different feel than the original Aquaman. I really like the comic book movies that change up the race from the comics, and I think it's cool what they're doing with Aquaman. However, I'm not a fan of his overall appearance in this image.

Then the final test of approval came...

The Trailer


I was waiting for a trailer for so long, so when it finally released online, I was totally hyped to see what the final product would look like. I was impressed majorly. The trailer gave a dark tone and a new tone, with constant looks at Superman and Batman. Hearing Eisenburgs Luthor made me happy, and Alfred's voice was pretty great too. But the moment that made me stare in awe....

Do You Bleed?

The armor suit was just like the Dark Knight Returns, and the voice was good in my book.

Current Hype


This is the reason you started reading this article.
Batman and Superman together on the same screen is a plus for me. Two great characters fighting on the big screen will definitely take my money. Luthor and Wonder Woman are half and half, but I'm sure that will change as time goes on. Cyborg is a big negative, I am not a fan of how they are bringing him into the movies. Aquaman is half half too, but there is something I learned through all of this.....

Don't Judge as Harshly With This Movie

It is DC's first team up movie ever, they are trying to establish a shared universe, which is hard when you have Marvel with a head start. We have never seen these actors portray these characters, so we have no idea how this will turn out. This is just my opinion, and I'm not looking to start a debate about this movie. Please be kind in the chat box and if you have opinions, share them politely please. I'd love to hear your input on the topic as well.

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