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Because of the heavy spoiler... the title had to be a little obscured. This is not about which Quicksilver is better, we all know the answer to that. If you don't want me to spoil anything from the Avengers: Age of Ultron, leave now.


The true title of this post is... Who is responsible for Quicksilver's untimely demise.

Now, for those that have seen the Avengers Age of Ultron knows that Ultron killed Quicksilver. It is a clear determination, what isn't clear is who is actually responsible for his death. I am not not talking about the movie itself, I am talking more about the motivation behind deciding to kill off a new Avenger so soon in this series of Avengers movies.

Clue 1985
Clue 1985

I have a list of suspects that may or not be directly involved in his death. Who is actually responsible for his death?! So let's begin then, shall we?

Suspect 1: Joss Whedon: Director of Avengers: Age of Ultron

Let's start with that man runs the show, movie wise. He directed Avengers one and two, so he must had some control if not all control, right? Well don't be so sure, in the grand scheme of things, he has a limited playing field. In the first Avengers movie, Jeremy Renner complained about not getting a lot of screen time. Joss Whedon made up for that by giving Hawkeye a substantial amount of screen time. But...was it suppose to be his last time on screen with the Avengers? In an alternate scene, Hawkeye was suppose to meet his end at the hands of Ultron. But instead, Quicksilver was put in his place. Why, you wonder? Was it Joss's call to have him killed? Still kind of a mystery, hence the suspects. One thing is for certain, after the effort he made to secure the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, I don't think he wanted him dead so soon.

Evan Peters (Quicksilver) X-Men: Days of Future Past

Okay, most if not all that watched X-Men Days of Future Past were blown away by their version of Quicksilver. Remember, it was a weird time when we heard there were going to be two different Quicksilvers entirely. The big question was which one would be better? Well since Days of Future Past came out first, their Quicksilver had an early lead and had a tough act to follow, he was just too cool. Could he be responsible for his demise, or is it coincidental that this path was taken regardless? I would like to think he was an accessory to the crime, but it could be a wild coincidence. You be the judge.

Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) The Avengers 1 & 2

As I mentioned with suspect Joss, Jeremy Renner wanted some more screen time and to have Hawkeye bring more importance to the team, so he got exactly that. His personal home became a hideout while the team regrouped, he had better and funnier lines like, "No one would know", scene where he almost shot the silver tongued Quicksilver himself. Wait, so he is responsible? Is it Joss's plan to kill him off, or perhaps early screenings had viewers' faces dropping with the version of him dying after they had showed the family side of him and made you care more about him? Believe me when I say, I would have hated if they killed him after what they had developed with him in this movie, but that would have been a strong tragic moment in the movie. But Quicksilver took the honor. I was like, "Already?!" Shocking, but maybe by popularity, Hawkeye just won outright. "You didn't see that coming?!" Me neither.

20th Century FOX Studios

Wait, what?! FOX has no direct connection with Marvel except the X-Men movie rights to the characters. Marvel was able to use the twins as long as they weren't referred to as mutants...ok. Which their origin stories dramatically changed in The Avengers AoU. But is it the inconvenience of the rights that made it a easier decision to kill Quicksliver, or is it just smoke and I wanted to blame Fox for this? The latter perhaps.

Kevin Feige (President of Marvel Studios)

The Marvel Studios boss, the puller of the strings of all the movies?! There are definitely enough stories of fallouts from multiple movies, actors, and directors. Could he have overstepped his boundaries in The Avengers Age of Ultron movie that led to Joss not returning for Avengers Infinity War I & II? Most certainly, Joss had filmed a version where Hawkeye indeed died, but was that against Kevin's grand scheme of things?! Well let me go a little further, Hawkeye was rumored for a solo movie and was already penciled in for the Civil War movie. So if he died, what would happen to him then? Tahiti?


It is my determination, opinion, that multiple parties were involved in Quicksilver's death. I find Kevin Feige soley responsible for the demise of Quicksilver, he has all the power and the say in all projects, no matter what. Jeremy Renner is an incidental accessory due to his great performance, while Evan Peter, Fox's Quicksilver was just better than Aaron Taylor Johnson, Marvel's version. Joss Whedon is an unwilling accessory in all of this, almost a victim. Fox is not guilty of this crime, they are guilty of another crime, not sharing. But I'm keeping an on you guys!

So what do you think? Who is responsible for Quicksilver's death. Did I nail it? Answer and Comment below.


Who do you think is solely responsible for Quicksilver's death?


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