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It was what we all have been waiting because we all knew deep down in our heart this was going to happen. The Joker and Batman finally together for the new era of Batman that looks the closest to the comic books. In the new Suicide Squad set photos and videos we see a lot more of The Joker and Harley in jokers new ride but we see a lot more. Theres recently been a new video in which we see The Joker being chased with Harley in their car but by who you might ask? Its none other than the bats in his new decked out Batmobile chasing them through the city.

I know you must be thinking what the heck is going on! Its pretty simple as you can see from the video Batman is clearly chasing after the Joker but the question is why? I decided to break down two of the possible scenarios for why this must be happening in the video below so make sure to check that out! If you can as well go ahead and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more awesome content and scoops on all the things you love.

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