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Since the suicide squad is one of the first villain team ups, I decided to make my own team from any universe, Marvel, DC, or any other media. Now there are other villain groups like the sinister six, but the suicide squad had seemed the most appealing to me and others as well, and I'm very excited to see how there film will turn out, it could either good or bad. But now here is my fan-made suicide squad team from different universes.

I put Frieza on this list because come on it's Frieza my favorite DBZ villain besides Broly. This power hungry Tyrant will give you chills from hearing his sadistic diabolical plans. I mean he freaking blows up planets with one finger, how awesome and villain like does that sound. He's like an equivalent to The Joker and The Green Goblin, there just creepy menacing bastards and they just want to bring down the hero so bad, but little do they know, they always have another coming at the end. Except if he don't come back to life as a android, but he still got his just desserts. If I can put the leader of my own Suicide Squad team it would be, Lord Frieza. Frieza you are one mean SOB, but I love ya.

Who doesn't love this red haired, blue eyed, freckled face, rain bowed sweater overalls, killing machine? Chucky is my all time favorite horror villain of, because he's not a silent guy in a mask or a guy that hunts your dreams even though I love Michael Myers, Jason and Fred Kruger equally, it's just Chucky that was the most entertaining out of the slasher genre. Despite him being small, he could be very hard to catch with his clever ideas, stealth moves and they way he kill his foes. Even though he have gotten worse over time with him being to comical in Bride and Seed, but he redeemed himself in Curse by being the Chucky we all know. I like how he can transfer bodies with voodoo magic so he can just torment and frame his victims and he can be your friend til the end.

One of Marvel's first Villains, Dr Doom, have to be on this list because they guy is a genius and owns his own land, Latveria which can be the hideout for the group and plan there sinister... plans. I can't say nothing else about Dr Doom, I mean he's Dr Doom.

We need a little comedy in our villain group so that's when I choosed Farquaad from Shrek, because the guy it's just hilarious. Don't trust watch the scene with him and Gingy. He may be short but have a big temper. Just don't make him mad.

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