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Note: These are mostly theories based on information (and rumors) regarding the Suicide Squad movie. None of these are actual facts about the film and its plot and is not meant to be taken as such. If you don't like my theories regarding the film, that's fine, but don't hate the movie based on things that aren't necessarily true. Thank you.

The Suicide Squad is by far one of DC's most interesting comic book franchises that has recently been getting its chance to shine. With its various runs in the show Arrow as well as the animated film Batman: Assault on Arkham, the squad has been able to be introduced to people that are not necessarily into comics. Now, with the live action adaptation which will be released in summer 2016, the franchise will be introduced to mainstream media.

But what does this film promise for the DC Cinematic Universe as a whole? While it might not seem it, I'm pretty sure that Suicide Squad could actually have an enormous impact on the DCCU, and I have a few reasons why.

ARGUS, Metahumans, and Belle Reve

The Suicide Squad has always been about villains, antiheroes, and occasional heroes, working for the government on high risk black ops missions. At first it was simply the government, but in recent years in the comics and on the show Arrow it has been run by the organization ARGUS (Advanced Research Group Uniting Superhumans).

In Arrow, ARGUS is more of just a government organization like Marvel's SHIELD, but in the comics it is directed mainly toward superhumans. I believe that after the events of Man of Steel, the government believes it is necessary to create an intelligence agency focusing mainly on the research, management, and in some cases imprisonment of superhumans. ARGUS will also probably be hinted at in Batman v Superman.

Belle Reve Penitentiary has always been the prison where the Suicide Squad operates out of, and has been modified several times in different media. In the show Young Justice, Belle Reve is a maximum security prison dedicated to the imprisonment of metahumans and other superpowered beings. It is likely that Belle Reve will be an ARGUS-operated prison that locks up malicious metahumans and other villains.

It's very possible that there will be some kind of prison break in Belle Reve which will result in metahuman criminals spreading all across the country, which will put our superheroes into action.

Background (and setup) for the Batman series

By now, with the recently released Batmobile footage on the set of the film as well as several set photos of Ben Affleck, we're done debating that Batman is in the movie. But...why exactly?

It has been long rumored about Batman v Superman that the government wants to know more about Batman. They know that Batman is connected to all the superheroes and villains and they want to know more. In the comics and in other shows, Amanda Waller has always had a particular interest in Batman. It is very possible that Amanda Waller is trying to drag Batman into her trap.

How would she do this exactly? From the various tattoos on the Joker's body it's reasonable to assume that he's been in prison for a long time. This is a Joker who's already faced off with Batman. But what has he done that caused Batman to make damn well sure he stayed in jail?

One of the most iconic deaths in comic book history
One of the most iconic deaths in comic book history

The death of Jason Todd was one of the most significant events in the relationship between Batman and the Joker. It solidified their obsession and hatred for each other. The Joker took the life of who is essentially Batman's son. You could bring up that (*cough* bogus *cough cough*) set photo that seemed to point out that it was Dick Grayson who died instead of Jason Todd, but for all intents and purposes we are going to say it was Jason Todd for now.

Waller's reason for ever bringing the Joker into the squad is to get Batman's attention. It seems possible from set photos that there is going to be a talk show like scene where the Joker is interviewed on live television. This would certainly cause Batman to get involved. This is going to drag Batman into Waller's clutches...or will it?

It's also very possible that Waller's plan could be discovered and manipulated by the Joker, and that he played along as a way to get out of prison to continue tormenting Batman. This would allow setup for future Batman films, as well as the possible inclusion of Jason Todd's revival as Red Hood.

Setup for Green Lantern and Wonder Woman (...or just Batman again)

Scott Eastwood on set
Scott Eastwood on set

Both Common and Scott Eastwood have been cast in as of now unspecified roles in the film. Most of you will know that Common was originally cast in the cancelled Justice League: Mortal film as the John Stewart version of Green Lantern. I believe that he is getting a second chance to play the character. But you're probably asking, "Why would they have Green Lantern in Suicide Squad?" Well, I believe it's possible that John is not going to be Green Lantern just yet. I believe that Hal Jordan will be used as the Green Lantern for the first and possibly second Justice League films, and that John would become Green Lantern for the Green Lantern movie and possibly the second Justice League film. Suicide Squad could introduce us to John Stewart's history in the military and possibly ARGUS.

For Scott Eastwood (pictured above), there are two possible roles that he could be. The more likely one is Steve Trevor, an ally and love interest of Wonder Woman. The less likely but still possible is actually Dick Grayson, Batman's partner formerly known as Robin and Nightwing who know acts as a secret agent under the codename "Agent 37".

Agent 37 (left) and Steve Trevor (right)
Agent 37 (left) and Steve Trevor (right)

Now based on the look and the fact that Wonder Woman comes out right after Suicide Squad, it's pretty likely that Eastwood is playing Steve Trevor. However, I would not downright say that Agent 37 is not a possibility. Seeing as how the movie will tie into the Batman franchise, its possible that we could see a Batman character in it. Bringing up the set photo of Dick Grayson's grave from earlier, it is possible that Dick had faked his death and became Agent 37, like he did in the comics. Agent 37 would also be an operative of ARGUS rather than the Spyral organization from the comics.

What do you think?

Is the Suicide Squad movie as big as I think? Have you found more connections? Am I just an obsessive looking to far into the future? Comment below and share your thoughts!


Which connection/theory do you like the most?

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